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Did You Know This about Family TreeDNA?

Did You Know This about Family TreeDNA?

In previous issues of “Genealogy Pointers,” we have pointed out various features of Roberta Estes’ new book, The Complete Guide to Family TreeDNA. We will continue to do so in the weeks and months to come.  The book is currently available in e-Pub format and a black and white print edition. Based on popular demand, we have decided to issue a full color print edition of Roberta’s book.  It should be in print later this summer. You’ll hear about it first here in “Genealogy Pointers.”


Meantime, we have asked Roberta Estes to send us some tips about Family TreeDNA that current users and prospective purchasers may not be aware of. Here are a few;

  • There’s no subscription at FamilyTreeDNA. Everything is included in the price of your test. 
  • You can upload your autosomal DNA file from other major testing vendors to FamilyTreeDNA. Uploading, matching, and basic tools are free and the “unlock” for advanced tools only costs $19
  • FamilyTreeDNA provides 4 different tools to break down your brick walls. Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, autosomal DNA, and X-DNA testing and matching reveal different aspects of your genetic history for genealogy. 
  • Test results at FamilyTreeDNA are evergreen and become increasingly useful over time, meaning that you’ll continue to receive new matches and feature updates. 
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