Important Holiday Shipping Notice

During December, our printing company tells us to expect delays of up to 8 days for paperback titles and
up to 12 days for hardback titles. If you go to the Additional information section of the books you are
purchasing, you’ll see a message to let you know if that is the case.

If you’re looking for last minute items, we’ve created a section with titles we keep in stock. These titles
will generally ship by the next business day. We’re featuring some of these books each week.

Searching Tips 

Quick Find

  • If you know the book you are after, you can search by Title, Author, ISBN, or Item #.  Author Search is by Last Name only.
  • Title Search will search from even a few letters. Since this field needs an exact match, start with only a word or two.
  • ISBN Search will work with the last 5 digits or the full ISBN, no dashes.

Narrow Your Options

If you aren’t looking for a particular book, for best results:

  • Begin your search with a Region or a Subject 
  • Narrow your search by Time Period.
  • If you’re looking for a guide or how-to book, under Time Period choose Current. 

Existing Account Holders

Not finding your account?

In August, we moved to a new platform. That means setting up a new account – again. You’ll still have access to the account you set up on library.genealogical.com, and any eBooks or Subscriptions will still be there along with the record of your purchases. You can access that account at https://library.genealogical.com/user/login

Setting Up a New Account

We’ve taken the email addresses from our former site and added them to the new site. From either My Account or the Cart, enter your email address in the Login block and click on the Lost your password link. If you don’t see an email with a temporary password (be sure to check your Spam folder) send an email to [email protected]. The personal reply we’ll send will then get to you.    

We apologize for the inconvenience and we’ll do our best to make it up to you with new tools, new offers, and the flexibility we’ll have from the WooCommerce platform.