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The Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, by David Faris

Plantagenet descendants
Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists

One of the stellar works in our collection of royal and noble ancestry books is the 1996 publication, Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, by David Faris.  As the subtitle explains, this work traces the descent from England’s kings Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III of British emigrants who arrived in the North American colonies before 1701, and who are believed to have progeny living in the U.S. today. In all, Dr. Faris summarizes about one hundred lines of descent back to the Plantagenet (Angevin) kings. Following is a list of those colonists, any one of whom might be your gateway ancestor of royal descent.

“The following alphabetized list includes the names of the seventeenth-century emigrants whose Plantagenet ancestry it the subject of this book together with several emigrants after 1701 who have been incidentally noted in the text or a footnote. The names of women have been provided with a cross-reference to the surname of the husband.

Abbott, Anne (Mauleverer)

Abell, Robert

Abney, Dannett

Allin, Katherine (Deighton)

Alston, John

Asfordby, William

Ball, Elizabeth (Harleston)

Barham, Charles

Batt, Anne (Baynton)

Baynton, Anne (see Batt)

Beckwith, Marmaduke

Bernard, Richard

Bernard, William

Beville, Essex

Bolles, Joseph

Bosvile,Elizabeth (see Pelham)

Bourchier, Mary (see Whitaker)

Brent, George

Brent, Giles

Brent, Robert

Brewster, Thomas (or Sackford)

Brooke, Mary (Wolseley)

Bulkeley, Grace (Chetwode)

Bull, Stephen

Burrough, Nathaniel

Calvert, Charles

Carleton, Edward

Carter, Sarah (Ludlow)

Chetwode, Grace (see Bulkeley)

Clarke, Jeremy

Claypoole, James

Clopton, William

Codd, St. Leger

Cooke, Elizabeth (Haynes)

Coytemore, Elizabeth (see Tyng)

Crowne, Agnes (Mackworth)

Culpeper, Katherine (Saint Leger)

Dade, Francis

Dale, Diana (Skipwith)

Davie, Humphrey

Deighton, Frances (see Williams)

Deighton, Jane (see Lugg)

Deighton, Jane (see Negus)

Deighton, Katherine (see Hackburne, Dudley, Allin)

Digges, Edward

Dudley, Katherine (Deighton)

Dudley, Thomas

Eddowes, Ralph

Eddowes, Sarah (Kenrick)

Ellis, Rowland

Farrar, William

Farwell, Olive (Welby)

Fenwick, John

Fisher, John

Fleete, Henry

Foliot, Edward

Gerard, Thomas

Gill, Mary (Mainwaring)

Gorsuch, Anne (Lovelace)

Gurdon, Muriel (see Salstonstall)

Gye, Mary (see Maverick)

Hackburne, Katherine (Deighton)

Harleston, Elizabeth (see Ball)

Harleston, John

Haviland, Jane (see Torrey)

Haynes, Elizabeth (Cooke)

Horsmanden, Warham

Humphrey, Anne (see Palmes)

Hutchinson, Anne (Marbury)

Jennings, Edmund

Kemp, Edmund

Kemp, Matthew

Kemp, Richard

Kenrick, Sarah (see Eddowes)

Launce, Mary (see Sherman)

Lewis, Elizabeth (see Marshall)

Ligon, Thomas

Littleton, Nathaniel

Lloyd, Thomas

Lovelace, Anne (see Gorsuch)

Ludlow, Gabriel

Ludlow, Roger

Ludlow, Sarah (see Carter)

Lugg, Jane (Deighton)

Lunsford, Thomas

Mackworth, Agnes (see Crowne)

Mainwaring, Mary (see Gill)

Manwaring, Oliver

Marbury, Anne (see Hutchinson)

Marbury, Catherine (see Scott)

Marshall, Elizabeth (see Lewis)

Mauleverer, Anne (See Abbott)

Maveriick, Mary (Gye)

Negus, Jane (Deighton)

Nelson, John

Nelson, Margaret (see Teackle)

Nelson, Philip

Nelson, Thomas

Owen, Joshua

Oxenbridge, John

Palgrave, Richard

Palmes, Anne (Humphrey)

Pelham, Elizabeth (Bosvile)

Pelham, Herbert

Peyton, Robert

Pynchon, Amy (Wyllys)

Randolph, Henry

Randolph, William

Reade, George

Rodney, William

Saint Leger, Katherine

Saltonstall, Muriel (Gurdon)

Saltonstall, Richard

Savage, Anthony

Scott, Catherine (Marbury)

Sherman, Mary (Launce)

Skipper, William

Skipwith, Diana (see Dale)

Skipwith, Grey

Smith, Maria Johanna (Somerset)

Somerset, Maria Johanna

Spencer, Nicholas

Stockman, John

Teackle, Margaret (Nelson)

Throckmorton, John

Torrey, Jane (Haviland)

Tyng, Elizabeth (Coytemore)

Washington, John,

Washington, Lawrence

Washington, Richard

Welby, Olive (see Farwell)

West, John

Whitaker, Mary (Bourchier)

Williams, Frances (see Deighton)

Wingfield, Thomas

Wolseley, Mary (see Brooke)

Wyatt, Hawte

Wyllys, Amy (see Pynchon

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