Land Records

Transferring Land from Government to Individuals: The New England Model By Patricia Law Hatcher

With the conquest of the Americas, all land was originally held by a monarch—whether English, French, or Spanish. At this point, the process of transitioning land ownership to individuals is referred to as “first transfer.” As Patricia Law Hatcher explains in her definitive study of U.S. land records, first transfer varied both geographically and chronologically[…]Read more

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Tae a Virus

The poem (below) comes to us from one of our Scottish authors who got it from a friend in New Zealand. Like the virus, these things travel quickly around the planet.  It is based on the work of Robert Burns. We hope the Scots dialect was not too challenging. If anyone knows the author, please[…]Read more

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Genealogy Book Reviews

Library Journal Endorses New Irish and Church Record Books

Library Journal is the most prestigious magazine for the library industry. Collection development (acquisition) librarians are particularly reliant upon it when making decisions about what books to select for their patrons.   Accordingly, we were pleased to learn that the February 2020 issue of Library Journal gave thumbs up reviews to our two most recent how-to[…]Read more

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17th Century Virginia

HOW TO RESEARCH NEW ANCESTORS, By Lyndon Hobbs Hart, III, Jamestowne Society Genealogist

The following article describes the criteria and important sources for obtaining membership in the distinguished Virginia lineage organization, the Jamestowne Society. The article is also valuable for identifying sources related to 17th-century Virginia research in general.  It originally appeared in the Jamestowne Society Magazine, Vol. 44, No. 1. Spring 2020,  p. 13, and is reproduced[…]Read more

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