Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists

The Descent from the Later Plantagenet Kings of England, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III, of Emigrants from England and Wales to the North American Colonies before 1701


Author: Faris, David
Publication Date: 1996
Reprint Date: 2016
Pages: xiv 326 pp.


Since 1950 the standard work linking seventeenth-century colonial immigrants with the kings of England has been Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England Between 1623 and 1650 (eight editions from 1950 to 2004). Compiled by Frederick Lewis Weis and Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., two of America’s foremost genealogists, Ancestral Roots achieved legendary stature among scholars and academics, and has long been recognized as the principal authority on the royal ancestry of colonial immigrants. With Mr. Sheppard’s death, however, the research begun with Ancestral Roots and its companion The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215, is carried on with this volume presenting the ancestry of seventeenth-century colonists from the Plantagenet kings of England, the Magna Charta Sureties, the feudal English barons, and the Emperor Charlemagne.

Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, prepared by David Faris, who had assisted Mr. Sheppard with the sixth and seventh editions of Ancestral Roots, provides the descent from the later Plantagenet kings of England (Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III) of more than one hundred emigrants from England and Wales to the North American colonies before 1701.

Many colonists not included in Ancestral Roots appear in this book, together with all their lines of descent from the later Plantagenet kings. All 137 lines include the consecutive generations of married couples with the spouse of Plantagenet descent, each such individual being the child of the previous generation. Generation 1 names the parents of an emigrant, and the preceding generations are numbered back in time to the Plantagenet kings. Considerable biographical information is provided, together with documentation for each generation.

The following list includes the names of the seventeenth-century emigrants whose Plantagenet ancestry is the subject of this book, together with several emigrants after 1701 who have been incidentally noted in the text or a footnote. The names of women have been provided with a cross-reference to the surname of the husband.

Abbott, Anne (Mauleverer); Abell, Robert; Abney, Dannett; Allin, Katherine (Deighton);
Alston, John; Asfordby, William; Ball, Elizabeth (Harleston); Barham, Charles; Batt, Anne; (Baynton); Baynton, Anne (see Batt); Beckwith, Marmaduke; Bernard, Richard; Bernard, William; Beville, Essex; Bolles, Joseph; Bosvile, Elizabeth (see Pelham); Bourchier, Mary (see Whitaker); Brent, George; Brent, Giles; Brent, Robert; Brewster, Thomas (or Sackford); Brooke, Mary (Wolseley); Bulkeley, Grace (Chetwode); Bull, Stephen; Burrough, Nathaniel; Calvert, Charles; Carleton, Edward; Carter, Sarah (Ludlow); Chetwode, Grace (see Bulkeley); Clarke, Jeremy; Claypoole, James; Clopton, William; Codd, Saint Leger; Cooke, Elizabeth (Haynes); Coytemore, Elizabeth (see Tyng); Crowne, Agnes (Mackworth); Culpeper, Katherine (Saint Leger); Dade, Francis; Dale, Diana (Skipwith); Davie, Humphrey; Deighton, Francis (see Williams); Deighton, Jane (see Lugg); Deighton, Jane (see Negus); Deighton, Katherine (see Hackburne, Dudley, Allin); Digges, Edward; Dudley, Katherine (Deighton); Dudley, Thomas; Eddowes, Ralph; Eddowes, Sarah (Kenrick); Ellis, Rowland; Farrar, William; Farwell, Olive (Welby); Fenwick, John; Fisher, John; Fleete, Henry; Foliot, Edward; Gerard, Thomas; Gill, Mary (Mainwaring); Gorshuch, Anne (Lovelace); Gurdon, Muriel (see Saltonstall); Gye, Mary (see Maverick); Hackburne, Katherine (Deighton); Harleston, Elizabeth (see Ball); Harleston, John; Haviland, Jane (see Torrey;) Haynes, Elizabeth (Cooke); Horsmanden, Warham; Humphrey, Anne (see Palmes); Hutchinson, Anne (Marbury); Jennings, Edmund; Kemp, Edmund; Kemp, Matthew; Kemp, Richard; Kenrick, Sarah (see Eddowes); Launce, Mary (see Sherman); Lewis, Elizabeth (Marshall); Ligon, Thomas; Littleton, Nathaniel; Lloyd, Thomas; Lovelace, Anne (see Gorsuch); Ludlow, Gabriel; Ludlow, Roger; Ludlow, Sarah (see Carter); Lugg, Jane (Deighton); Lunsford, Thomas; Mackworth, Agnes (see Crowne); Mainwaring, Mary (see Gill); Manwaring, Oliver; Marbury, Anne (see Hutchinson); Marbury, Catherine (see Scott); Marshall, Elizabeth (see Lewis); Mauleverer, Anne (see Abbott); Maverick, Mary (Gye); Negus, Jane (Deighton); Nelson, John; Nelson, Margaret (see Teackle); Nelson, Philip; Nelson, Thomas; Owen, Joshua; Oxenbridge, John; Palgrave, Richard; Palmes, Anne (Humphrey); Pelham, Elizabeth (Bosvile); Pelham, Herbert; Peyton, Robert; Pynchon, Amy (Wyllys); Randolph, Henry; Randolph, William; Reade, George; Rodney, William; Saint Leger, Katherine; Saltonstall, Muriel (Gurdon); Saltonstall, Richard; Savage, Anthony; Scott, Catherine (Marbury); Sherman, Mary (Launce); Skipwith, Diana (see Dale); Skipwith, Grey; Smith, Maria Johanna (Somerset); Somerset, Maria Johanna; Spencer, Nicholas; Stockman, John; Teackle, Margaret (Nelson); Throckmorton, John; Torrey, Jane (Haviland); Tyng, Elizabeth (Coytemore); Washington, John; Washington, Lawrence; Washington, Richard; Welby, Olive (see Farwell); West, John; Whitaker, Mary (Bourchier); Williams, Frances (see Deighton); Wingfield, Thomas; Wolseley, Mary (see Brooke); Wyatt, Hawte; Wyllys, Amy (see Pynchon)

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