DNA for Native American Ancestry

New Book Lays Out Ground Rules for Determining Native American Ancestry

Our new publication, DNA for Native American Ancestry, by Roberta Estes, begins by discussing fundamental issues involved in establishing Native American heritage. The author first defines the concept of “indigenous people.” She then answers questions like “Can DNA Results Identify a Tribe?” and “Can I Join a Tribe?”. Another section covers the requirements and benefits[…]Read more

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DNA for Native American Genealogy

DNA for Native American Genealogy: Comprehensive Guide to Indigenous Roots

Did you know that the Navajo and related tribes migrated from Northwest Canada and present-day Alaska to present-day Arizona and New Mexico, and ultimately southeastern Utah, roughly 600 years ago? Would it surprise you to learn that the indigenous people of Hawaii are closely related to indigenous people of the Pacific Islands, Polynesia, Australia, and[…]Read more

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