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The first significant Swedish migration to North America occurred between 1638 and 1655, or Nils William Olsson’s Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York, 1820-1850 includes over 4,000 biographies of pioneering Swedish immigrants, or the Swedish Church Law of 1686 mandated that household examination records be updated every year?

The oldest documented Jewish community in the U.S. arrived in New York from Recife, Brazil in 1654, or The Given Names Data Bases can help researchers identify alternative Jewish and vernacular names that a Jewish ancestor might have used in Europe, or the International Jewish Cemetery Project has collected records from Jewish cemetery sites internationally?

The website provides alternate ways of searching for German and other passenger records, or there is a special website that illustrates the distribution of German and Austrian surnames in Europe, or the website has lists of German village heritage books, which identify all residents of a village by birth, marriage, or death for specific time periods?

Poland was founded as a state in 983 A.D. with Mieszko I as King of Poland, or YouTube hosts an eight-minute video on the history of Poland, or the website permits you to type in a surname and learn where in Poland people with that surname currently reside?

If any of these factoids is new to you—and of importance to you—then you should check out the new or updated titles in our series “Genealogy at a Glance” covering Swedish, Eastern European Jewish, German, or Polish genealogy. See the links below for more information on each of them.