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The first significant Swedish migration to North America occurred between 1638 and 1655, or Nils William Olsson’s Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York, 1820-1850 includes over 4,000 biographies of pioneering Swedish immigrants, or the Swedish Church Law of 1686 mandated that household examination records be updated every year? The oldest documented Jewish community in the[…]Read more

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Proof Argument

Proof, Proof Statements, Proof Summaries & Proof Arguments, by Elizabeth Shown Mills

In the following excerpt from her acclaimed book, Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. 3rd Edition Revised, Elizabeth Shown Mills explains that the terms proof, source, and evidence have different and distinct meanings. Moreover, a proof argument in genealogy must consist of a number of demonstrable components. Whether we are reading Ms.[…]Read more

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Creating a Research Plan to Solve Our Research Problem

By Laura Murphy DeGrazia, CG Excerpted from Laura Murphy DeGrazia, “Problem Analyses & Research Plans,” Elizabeth Shown Mills, ed.,  Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2018), 295–316. Publisher’s Note: Last week we ran an excerpt from Laura Murphy DeGrazia’s chapter, “Problem Analyses & Research Plans,” published in Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice &[…]Read more

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Family Arrives at Ellis Island American Genealogy

Still More Valuable Genealogy Tips from The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy. 4th Edn.

[av_image src=’×300.jpg’ attachment=’3793′ attachment_size=’medium’ align=’left’ styling=” hover=’av-hover-grow’ link=’manually,’ target=’_blank’ caption=’yes’ font_size=” appearance=’on-hover’ overlay_opacity=’0.4′ overlay_color=’#000000′ overlay_text_color=’#ffffff’ animation=’left-to-right’ admin_preview_bg=” av_uid=’av-dj2g4′] VIEW BOOK DETALS [/av_image] We are continuing to share some of Val  Greenwood’s time-tested advice from the new 4th edition of his Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy. Following are Mr. Greenwood’s suggestions concerning the  uses and importance[…]Read more

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