The Origins of the Scots-Irish

The Origins of the Scots-Irish & How to Find Those Families

The historical roots of what it means to be Scots Irish go back to the 17th century. During that epoch, substantial numbers of Scottish (as well as English) families removed to the northern part of Ireland during the so-called Plantation of Ulster. Between 1717 and 1776, 250,000 Scots-Irish immigrants (also known as Scotch-Irish or Ulster[…]Read more

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Kentucky Genealogy

Genealogy at a Glance: Kentucky Genealogy Research – Michael A. Ports

Designed to cover the basic elements of Kentucky genealogical research in just four pages, this addition to our Genealogy at a Glance series gives you as much useful information in the space allotted as you’ll ever need. Specially laminated for heavy use, it provides an overview of the facts required to begin and proceed successfully[…]Read more

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Genealogy Book Reviews

NGSQ reviews Updated Editions of Our Scottish, Polish, and Pennsylvania “At a Glances”

From time to time we like to share reviews of our publications as published in genealogy magazines, periodicals, and online. By doing so, we can not only take pride in the good things others are saying about our books but also let you consider how various authorities have come to regard them. The September 2020[…]Read more

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Genealogy Guides

Genealogy | Did you Know That . . .

The first significant Swedish migration to North America occurred between 1638 and 1655, or Nils William Olsson’s Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York, 1820-1850 includes over 4,000 biographies of pioneering Swedish immigrants, or the Swedish Church Law of 1686 mandated that household examination records be updated every year? The oldest documented Jewish community in the[…]Read more

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