“Genealogy and the War in Ukraine”by Vera Ivanova Miller

“Genealogy and the War in Ukraine” by Vera Ivanova Miller

The Russian war in Ukraine has caused much worry about the loss of archival records. A small portion of records were scanned before the war started in February. Soon after the war began in February, staff from FamilySearch International stopped scanning Ukrainian archive records. Their work only had started in late spring 2021. Meanwhile Ukrainian[…]Read more

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Genealogy at a Glance: Ukrainian Genealogy Research

New Ukrainian “Genealogy at a Glance” Sparks Eastern European Triple Play

Vera Ivanova Miller, who authored Genealogy at a Glance: Russian Genealogy Research (now in its second printing), has returned with the companion title, Genealogy at a Glance: Ukrainian Research. Demand for the new laminated folder should be brisk inasmuch as 600,000 Ukrainians emigrated to the U.S. and Canada prior to World War I alone, with another[…]Read more

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Ontario, Canada, Genealogy Research

Genealogy at a Glance: Ontario, Canada, Genealogy Research

By Lorine McGinnis Schulze Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, was a wilderness until 1782, when thousands of Loyalists from the United States—fleeing the colonies after the American Revolution—settled along the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. They were soon joined by Swiss Mennonites from Pennsylvania, and in the 19th century by emigrants[…]Read more

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Genealogy | Did you Know That . . .

The first significant Swedish migration to North America occurred between 1638 and 1655, or Nils William Olsson’s Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York, 1820-1850 includes over 4,000 biographies of pioneering Swedish immigrants, or the Swedish Church Law of 1686 mandated that household examination records be updated every year? The oldest documented Jewish community in the[…]Read more

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