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Royal News Since the Release of Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, and the United States. 2nd Edition, by Gary Boyd Roberts. PART TWO

Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, and the United States. Second Edition

(Part One of this article can be found HERE)

In early November 2022, various scholars learned of and purchased Weston Pedigree Reconsidered: A Review of Documentation Provided by the College of Arms (2022) by Shawn Henry Potter and Lois Carol Potter. In a much earlier form, parts of this monograph were submitted to the New England Historic and Genealogical Register. We were intrigued, and the Potters have now assembled enough documents to convince us that Cecily Neville, a sister of Ralph Neville, 4th Earl of Westmoreland, married John Weston of Lichfield, Staffordshire, and was the mother of Robert Weston, M.P. and Lord Chancellor of Ireland; Richard Weston, a Justice of the Common Pleas; and Alice Weston, who married John Ball. A later Alice Weston, daughter of the Chancellor of Ireland and Alice Jennings, married (1) Hugh Brady, Bishop of Meath; (2) Sir Geoffrey Fenton, the well-known Secretary of State for Ireland. Catherine Fenton, the only daughter of these last, married Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork, and was an ancestor of the late Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, and the late Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. See Gerald Paget, The Lineage and Ancestry of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (1977), vol. 2, pp. 25, 40, 60, 90, 128, 186, 272.

Sir Jerome Weston, a son of Richard Weston, Justice of Common Pleas, and Wiburga Catesby, married Mary Cave, and appears in RD900, p. 467. This descent gives Act. Gov. Jeremiah Clarke of R.I., an ancestor of author G.B. Roberts, two descents from Edward III, King of England, d. 1377 (Clarke has only a descent from Edward I in RD900). Isabel Ball, a daughter of John Ball and Alice Weston above, married John White of Stanton, Oxfordshire. Their daughter Mary White married Rev. John Terry and was the mother of a fifth new RD immigrant (following the two Sanborns, Mrs. Loockermans, and Abel Browne), Stephen Terry of Dorchester and Hadley, Mass., and Windsor, Conn., an ancestor of Roberts’s colleague on this work, Julie Helen Otto. Martha White, another daughter of Isabel Ball and John White, married Rev. William Cooke of Crediton, Devon, and was the mother of Elizabeth Cooke of Marblehead, Mass., wife of Rev. William Walton. Mrs. Walton is a sixth new RD immigrant, and an ancestor of First Lady Mamie Eisenhower. I should also note that Act. Gov. Jeremiah Clarke, Stephen Terry, and Mrs. Elizabeth Cooke Walton were third cousins of Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Cork (see above), ancestor of the late Queen and of King Charles III, the new King of Great Britain and could have been included in my genealogical tribute to the late Queen in American Ancestors 23 (2022): 47-50. The lines for these immigrants, with a cross-reference to the Earls of Cork, in the recent American Ancestors article, are as follows:

1. Edward III, King of England, d. 1377 = Philippa of Hainault

2. John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster = (1) Blanche Plantagenet of Lancaster. Their daughter, Philippa of Lancaster, married João I, King of Portugal, and was the mother of João, Prince of Portugal, father by Isabella of Braganza of Isabel of Portugal, wife of Juan II, King of Castile; their daughter in turn was Isabella, Queen of Castile, wife of Ferdinand I, King of Aragón. Ferdinand and Isabella are usually considered the first King and Queen of a united Spain, and partly sponsored Columbus’s voyages to the New World.

3. Elizabeth Plantagenet (sister of the Queen of Portugal) = John Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter, son of Thomas Holand, 1st Earl of Kent, and Joan Plantagenet, “the Fair Maid of Kent,” Princess Dowager of Wales

4. John Holand, 2nd Duke of Exeter = Anne Stafford, daughter of Edmund Stafford, 6th Earl of Stafford, and Anne Plantagenet, SETH, daughter of Thomas Plantagenet of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester and Eleanor Bohun, SETH, and granddaughter of Edward III, King of England, and Philippa of Hainault above

5. Anne Holand = John Neville, Lord Neville, son of John Neville, Lord Neville and Elizabeth Holand (daughter of Thomas Holand, 2nd Duke of Kent, and Alice FitzAlan, SETH), son of Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmoreland, and first wife Margaret Stafford, SETH

6. Ralph Neville, 3rd Earl of Westmoreland = Isabel Booth

7. Ralph Neville, Lord Neville = Edith Sandys, daughter of Sir William Sandys of the Vyne and Margaret Cheney, SETH

8. Cecily Neville (sister of Ralph Neville, 4th Earl of Westmoreland) = John Weston of Lichfield, Staffordshire

9. Richard Weston, Justice of the Common Pleas = Wiburga Catesby

10. Sir Jerome Weston = Mary Cave, SETH

11. Mary Weston = William Clarke, SETH

12. Act. Gov. Jeremiah Clarke of R.I. = Mrs. Francis Latham Dungan.

9. Robert Weston, Chancellor of Ireland (brother of Richard) = Alice Jennings

10. Alice Weston = Sir Geoffrey Fenton, Secretary of State for Ireland

11. Catherine Fenton = Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork

12. Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Cork (a third cousin of Act. Gov. Jeremiah Clarke of R.I. and Stephen Terry and Mrs. Elizabeth Cooke Walton of Mass.)

= Elizabeth Clifford. The 2nd Earl and Elizabeth were parents of Charles Boyle, Viscount Dungannon (for whom see American Ancestors 23: 3: 50), an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III.

9. Alice Weston (sister of Richard) = John Ball

10. Isabel Ball = John White

11. Mary White = Rev. John Terry

12. Stephen Terry of Mass. = Jane Hardey.

11. Martha White (sister of Mary) = Rev. William Cooke

12. Elizabeth Cooke of Mass. = Rev. William Walton

13. Elizabeth Walton = Lot Conant

14. Mary Conant = Andrew Burleigh

15. John Burleigh = Mary Eastman

16. John Burleigh, Jr. = Mehitable Sheafe

17. Elizabeth Burleigh = Daniel Hill

18. John Burleigh Hill = Maria S. ____

19. Susan M. Hill = John Henry Sheldon

20. Mary Cornelia Sheldon = Royal Houghton Doud

21. John Sheldon Doud = Elivera Mathilda Carlson

22. Mamie Geneva Doud = Dwight David Eisenhower, 1890-1969, 34th U.S. President

To be continued . . .