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Royal News Since the Release of Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, or the United States. 2nd Edition, by Gary Boyd Roberts. PART THREE

Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, or the United States

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In addition to the descents outlined in the Coda for Garfield and Mrs. Arthur, several immigrants first treated in the Coda are also ancestors of presidents or First Ladies. Among those whose lines are “improved” (even if placed in the main text), are also ancestors of a variety of presidents and First Ladies, as follows:

1. The only descents revised “downward” to an earlier king are those of the Eltonhead sisters of Virginia, one of whom (Mrs. Martha Eltonhead Conway) is an ancestor of Madison and Obama (see RD900, 2nd ed., pp. 1015-1017).

2. Mrs. Joanna Quarles Smith of Connecticut to Gerald Ford (RD900, 2nd ed., pp. 680-681).

3. Thomas Lewis of Maine to Gerald Ford (RD900, 2nd ed., pp. 886-887).

4. Mrs. Mary Underhill Naylor Stites to Jill Biden (RD900, 2nd ed., p. 1013).

Immigrants new to RD900 who are presidential ancestors include:

1. Mrs. Alice Lukyn Page to John Tyler (IV) (RD900, 2nd ed., p. 1014).

2. Thomas Gaskins/Gascoigne to Mrs. Ellen Herndon Arthur (RD900, 2nd ed., pp. 1032-1033).

3. Rodolphus Elmes to Calvin Coolidge (RD900, 2nd ed., pp. 1042-1043).

4. Henry Gregory to Jane Wyman (in Executive Papers 19 [2022]: 122).

5. A possible improved line through Wilmot Poyntz, and a certainly improved line from Robert II, King of France, to Anthony Collamore (forebear of Anna Symmes Harrison and Benjamin Harrison) and Mrs. Agnes Harris Spencer Edwards (ancestor of Betty Ford) (RD900, 2nd ed., pp. 851-854, 1020) and Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, the latter of whose royal descents this work has not treated.

6. Revised Thomas Trowbridge line (also from Robert II, King of France) to Hayes and Geraldine, Queen of the Albanians (RD900, 2nd ed., pp. 859-860, 935).

7. From the notes above, John Sanborn of New Hampshire to Gerald Ford, and William Sanborn of New Hampshire to Ellen Wilson.

8. Again from the notes above, from Mrs. Maria Duncanson MacFasse Loockermans to Theodore Roosevelt (and of course Eleanor Roosevelt, whose royal descents this work also has not treated).


Recently found typographical errors or omissions include the following (new such are regretted, but welcome):

1. pp. xxxvii-xxxviii: I list only four, not five, dominant British social groups of the last four centuries.

2. p. 97: (generation 14): Anne Cabot was Mrs. Anne Rutherford Flint Cabot.

3. p. 202: (generation 3) Add “, SETH” after Valentinois.

4. p. 643: (generation 22) Add “, SETH” after President [Tyler].

5. p. 680: (generation 16) Bold the surname Smith.

6. p. 708: (generation 15) Replace “pp. ____. CODA” with “pp. 1018-1019”.

7. p. 718: Add “shared” between “whom” and “Gov.” in the next-to-last line of sources.

8. p. 851: (generation 19) After “Wilmot Poyntz” add “(see note on p. 1020)”.

9. pp. 863, 867, 870: (generation 5): Replace Sybil Morel with ____. See W.L. Weis, W.L. Sheppard, Jr., and William R. and Kaleen Ball, Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America Before 1700, 8th ed. (2004), line 41, generation 2, p. 49.

10. p. 932, top line: (generation 22) For “858”, substitute “864”.

11. p. 935: (generation 24) The page number on top line should be 95, not 75; “p. 870” should be “p. 860”.

12. p. 936, add at end: “For the Gordon-Morstyn-Czartoryski-Potulicki-Sapieha-Komorowski-d’Udekem d’Acoz descent of Queen Mathilde of the Belgians and the Gordon-Morstyn-Czartoryski-Potocki descent of the Sovereign Princes of Liechtenstein since 1938, see pp. 1060-1062.”

13. p. 984: For consistency, the generation numbers for the descent of Justin Bieber should be 18-30, and the generations covered in various websites should be 27-30.

14. p. 1009, no. 16 in list: after “Christie”, add [her married surnames] “Reynolds”, “Scully”, and “Waters”.

15. p. 1018, top line, after “(from RD900, p. ” [add page numbers] 708-709.

16. p. 1032, top line, for “RD400”, substitute the correct RD900.

17. p. 1080, line 5: For “44” substitute “45”.

 18. p. 1084: (generation 27) Bold the surname “Page”.

19. p. 1097: Add NEA for New England Ancestors (2001-2010). See the abbreviation AA.


I found the above typos and omissions during the month and more that this work of almost 2000 pages was at press. The last issue of The American Genealogist, doubtless due partly to the pandemic, was delayed by over a year. Given the quantity of genealogical Internet postings–a format now sometimes preferred by authors to journal articles, plus the quantity also of hereditary societies and the unpublished applications submitted to them–Mr. Bannerman sees and shares with me (whenever he finds it) much material, variously dated, not easily available to me at NEHGS. The Potters, in order to obtain, transcribe, and use many British documents, probably also endured considerable delays, and Queen Elizabeth II died. Thus these early changes and sometimes complex additions (including six new immigrants, for a current total of 999) to RD900 are more extensive than should be expected. I apologize. Among articles recently completed or in progress I will note that the first installment of the article by Robert Battle and Henry B. Hoff on the royal descent of Rodolphus Elmes of Mass. appeared in Register 176 (2022): 233-248; the second installment will appear in the Fall 2022 issue. The next two issues of TAG will contain Clifford L. Stott’s second and third installments of the Sanborn royal-descent article mentioned above. In The Genealogist 35 (2021): 157-191, Nathaniel Lane Taylor completed his monograph on the royal descent of Thomas Lewis and Arthur Mackworth, both of Maine.

I hope in future “Genealogical Pointers” to condense royal-descent discoveries that appear in the next few months, as genealogists and libraries begin to acquire RD900, 2nd ed. I regret that the death of the Queen and these various new royal-descent discoveries appeared as my book was at press (or before it arrived) but I am pleased that such new discoveries remain plentiful and frequent. I also look forward to finding a few more RD immigrants so that the current total soon surpasses 1000.  

Gary Boyd Roberts, December 2022.