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Ohio Guidebook Coverage is Exhaustive

Ohio Guidebook Coverage is Exhaustive
Genealogical Research in Ohio. New 3rd Edition

The new Third Edition of Genealogical Research in Ohio, by Kip Sperry is not only completely up to date but also comprehensive in its coverage. The new edition examines the holdings of major Ohio archives and libraries and identifies the many resources available to researchers, such as census records, church records, military records, land and court records, and much more.  The book also contains a vast bibliography of Ohio books and other printed genealogical sources.

To further illustrate the range of information available in Genealogical Research in Ohio, we have reproduced the first page from three sections of the book: school records; a chart showing the starting date of extant birth, marriage, death, land, probate, and court records for each Ohio county; and the bibliography.

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