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Who’s In Irish Emigrants in North America?

Irish Emigrants in North America: Consolidated Edition.

This new consolidated edition brings together all ten Parts of David Dobson’s series, Irish Emigrants in North America. A comprehensive index of names has been added to facilitate the reader’s search through all ten Parts. Moreover, the index identifies the many other Irish persons—wives, children, parents, ships’ captains, indenturers, etc.–named in the emigrant profiles who could be overlooked by merely consulting the alphabetical arrangement of emigrants. While compiling the series, Dr. Dobson consulted reference material located in archives and libraries in the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland, and the West Indies.

Irish Emigrants in North America: Consolidated Edition.

The author has arranged the list of roughly 8,500 emigrants alphabetically in each of the ten parts of this work by the individual’s surname and, in the majority of cases, provides most of the following particulars: age, name of ship, occupation in Ireland, reason for and the source of the information. Sometimes the entries also specify the emigrant’s place of origin in Ireland, place of disembarkation in the New World, date of arrival, and names or number of other persons in the household.

Following are some sample entries from all three centuries of Irish emigration to North America that, hopefully, will give our readers and librarians a better understanding of what they may expect to find in the volume’s 860 pages.

Editor’s Note: Researchers with Scots-Irish heritage who discover their immigrant ancestor in this new work, may be able to link that individual to one or more of the Ulster persons identified in our 2022 work, SCOTS-IRISH LINKS, 1525-1825: CONSOLIDATED EDITION. In Two Volumes.

BLEAKNEY, DAVID, emigrated from Ireland to America in 1767, settled near 96 District, South Carolina, a Loyalist soldier, moved to Petty Coat Jack, Westmoreland, New Brunswick, at St John’s on 7 February 1787. [PAO.LC.165]

BUTLER, Mrs ELIZABETH, wife of Colonel Edward K. S. Butler, and youngest daughter of Colonel Baget of Burney, County Kildare, died in Nova Scotia on 4 November 1846. [GM.ns.27.111]

CARMIDY, MARK, a yeoman from Thomastown, Tipperaray, an indentured servant aboard the Hannah of Boston, master William Bennet, bound from Cork to America in March 1738. [PRONI.T3424.1]

HANLEY, JOHN, a blacksmith from Newmarket, County Cork, an indentured servant aboard the Charming Sally, bound from Cork to Philadelphia, in January 1739. [PRONI.T3424.1]

MADDEN, HELEN MARTHA, born 1818, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel T. M. Ball of the 31st Regiment, widow of Charles Madden in Kilkenny, died in London, Canada West, on 28 November 1852. [GM.ns2/14.255] 

O’RAW, JOHN, in Charleston, South Carolina, a letter dated 1809, he emigrated via Belfast in 1806 aboard a ship bound for America, which was shipwrecked off Bermuda, then boarded a vessel for New York, and from there to Charleston.  [PRONI.D3613.1.2] 

PIGOT, ANN CHARITY, eldest daughter of William D. Pigot late of Dysart, Queen’s County, Ireland, married Reverend William C. Clarke, Rector of Elizabethtown, in the Diocese of Toronto, second son of the late Robert Clarke of Comrie Castle, Perthshire, at Fitzroy Castle, Canada West, on 15 June 1856. [W.XVII.1782] 

RING, JOHN, was kidnapped and transported from Ireland aboard the Goodfellow, master George Dell, bound for Boston, New England, in 1654. [QCEC.II.294]

ROBINSON, ELIZABETH, an indentured servant aboard the New England, master William Bryan, bound from Cork to Boston, New England, in April1738. [PRONI.T3424.1]

SIMPSON, ALEXANDER, born 1727, emigrated from Ireland to America in 1762, a trader working between Detroit and Schenectady along the Mohawk River, based in Conojohay, New York, a Loyalist, later in Cataraquoi, in Montreal on 27 February 1788. [PAO.LC.404/878]

William Fell of Workington, a brig, Captain Fearon, from Newry with 114 emigrants bound for Quebec on 18 April 1829, arrived in Quebec in May 1829. [QueGaz]