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Notable Ancestors & Descendants of 17th-Century Colonists Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson & Katherine (Marbury) Scott

Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson

Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson, the 17th-century Puritan heretic and co-founder of Rhode Island, died in an Indian attack with several of her children only nine years after she arrived in America. Her surviving four children and the children of her sister Katherine (Marbury) Scott produced many descendants with royal or noble ancestors. For example, their American descendants are in the line of King Edward I of England (d. 1307). Through the Marbury connection to Sancha de Ayala, Marbury descendants are related to Ferdinand of Aragon, who with his wife, Isabella of Castille, completed the reunification of Spain in the late 15th century and sponsored the expeditions of Christopher Columbus. All of the later Kings of Spain, Holy Roman and Austrian emperors, kings of Prussia, and Russian czars starting with Alexander I are distant cousins as well, as are most of the later English and French kings. The Marburys are also related to John Dryden, Jonathan Swift, Horace Walpole, and the wives of the poet Edmund Spencer and the diarist Samuel Pepys. Notable 18th-century American descendants of the Marburys include Mrs. John Singleton Copley, wife of the great American portrait painter; Thomas Hutchinson, Jr., the last colonial governor of Massachusetts; Nicholas Gilman, Jr., a signer of the Constitution; and Nicholas Brown, Jr., whose family founded Brown University.

Researchers will find these relationships worked out in ROYAL FAMILIES: Americans of Royal and Noble Ancestry. Volume 2–Reverend Francis Marbury and Five Generations of His Descendants Through Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson and Katherine (Marbury) Scott. Compiled by Marston Watson, ROYAL FAMILIES is a four-volume series of royal and noble descendancies starting with the immigrant ancestor of the line. The first volume of ROYAL FAMILIES concerns five generations of descendants of Massachusetts Governor Thomas Dudley. Volumes 2 and 4 of ROYAL FAMILIES cover the families of (1) Samuel and Judith (Everard) Appleton, the former of both English and Welsh royal descent, the latter of English only; and (2) Herbert Pelham, the first treasurer at Harvard College and great-grandson of Dame Catherine Carey, the alleged bastard daughter of Henry VIII. This latter work also covers American descendants of two of Pelham’s immigrant cousins, John West, colonial governor of Virginia, and Mrs. Anne Humphrey Palmes Myles, whose only daughter married an Avery of Groton, Conn., and became an ancestor of the Rockefellers.

For more information on all four families of  ROYAL FAMILIES, please consult the following:

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