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More New Books from David Dobson

New Scots-Irish Books from David Dobson

Over the past two years, we have published compendia devoted to two series of books compiled by Dr. David Dobson: Scots-Irish Links (16 parts), and Irish Emigrants in North America (10 parts). Both of these consolidated works improve upon their original components by adding full-name indexes and, especially for institutional buyers, by assembling all the various parts in one place. 

As publishers we appreciate and promote the value of these compendia; however, it should not be lost on researchers that David Dobson has continued to travel to archives in Scotland, Ireland, and elsewhere in the British Isles and continental Europe for the purpose of assembling new books. In fact, just this month, we published Part Eight in David’s series, Scottish Soldiers in Colonial America. The new installment contains references to soldiers who were called back into service with the outbreak of the American Revolution. Many served in Loyalist regiments.  After the war, large numbers of these soldiers were settled in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec. Scottish soldiers, thus, played an important role in settling the British colonies in the Americas.

Dr. Dobson has been quite busy compiling new titles in 2023 and the first part of this year, so if you are looking for a Scottish or Irish forebear, you might have missed our announcements for one or more of them. If so,  here’s a complete listing of those recent books: