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Former teacher and school administrator Jack Darrell Crowder has devoted much of his adult life to studying the American Revolution. He has also made it his business to convert his learning into informative, illustrated books written for the ordinary reader, not academicians. has published six of Mr. Crowder’s books, each of which is described briefly below. If you, or someone you know, finds our War for Independence intriguing, any of Jack Crowder’s books will entertain you and keep you asking for more. 

So You Think You Know George Washington: Stories They Didn’t Tell You in School

Who was George Washington? Where does the myth of the man end, and the truth begin? For example, did you know that Washington had a great sense of humor? As President, why didn’t Washington like to shake hands? What gift did he accept from Spain that changed American farming forever? Did you know that, at one time, Washington was the leading moonshiner in the country?  Why is it believed that the Washingtons had no children of their own? What other eligible women did Washington pursue prior to his marriage? This book answers these and dozens more questions, as told by the men and women who knew Washington personally. View Book Details

Victory or Death

Victory or Death:  Military Decisions that Changed the Course of the American Revolution

Mr. Crowder explores the impact of the major leadership decisions that influenced the eventual outcome of that war. Each chapter in Victory or Death provides a summary of specific events that were key to the War’s outcome (Washington’s spy ring, Battle of Saratoga, etc.). At the conclusion of every chapter, the author reviews the decisions, for good or ill, that led to the result. Victory or Death concludes with the author’s endnotes, a bibliography, and a detailed index. View Book Details

The Story of Yorktown

The Story of Yorktown: Told by the Men Who Were There

In the siege of Yorktown, nearly 30,000 American, French, British, and German troops faced each other in a winner take all battle. In The Story of Yorktown, Revolutionary War expert Jack Darrell Crowder provides  a day-by-day account of that siege as told by the participants in their journals, diaries, memoirs, pension applications, and letters, as well as in contemporary newspapers. View Book Details

The First 24 Hours of the American Revolution: An Hour-by-Hour Account of the Battle of Lexington, Concord, and the British Retreat on Battle Road

This is a documentary history of the people, places, times, and events that forever changed the course of our history. Mr. Crowder has delivered a concise hour-by-hour account of the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19th, 1775, based on the writings of the participants and eyewitnesses. The book is amply illustrated with reproductions of period paintings, drawings, and photographs. There is also a town-by-town appendix of militiamen who were mortally wounded in the various skirmishes. View Book Details

Women Patriots in the American Revolution: Stories of Bravery, Daring, and Compassion

Historians and genealogists have mostly overlooked the role of women in the American Revolution, even though women’s roles in working their farms, raising their children, and generally supporting the morale of the Patriot side were of great importance. The purpose of this book is to highlight roughly 90 women who went beyond the norm in supporting America’s struggle for Independence. In a series of vignettes, some of them illustrated and all of them documented, the author recounts the heroism of the women who rendered service in the various theatres of the conflict. View Book Details

Strange, Amazing, and Funny Events that Happened during the Revolutionary War

This fun book is filled with unusual or little-known aspects of the American Revolution, such as the reason that future General Nathaniel Greene was compelled to enlist as a private, who and why someone tore off most of the roof from Harvard Hall during the war, the first Native American to serve in the Patriot Cause, and more This is a book that It will truly intrigue you and everyone you share it with. View Book Details