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Elizabeth Mills’ Problem Analysis QuickSheet Lays out Strategy for Success!

Quicksheet: The Historical Biographer’s Guide to Individual Problem Analysis

Quicksheet: The Historical Biographer’s Guide to Individual Problem Analysis, from renowned genealogist Elizabeth Shown Mills, addresses the nature and evaluation of evidence, not citation, thereby addressing the process of research head-on. Recognizing that solutions to tough research problems require thoughtful analysis, Mrs. Mills has designed a 10-step solution to genealogical problems to help researchers construct a case for their proposed solution. The outgrowth of a lifetime of professional experience, these 10 steps provide a systematic basis for problem solving unique to genealogy. For example, the author shows researchers how to separate documented facts from undocumented assertions, and how to analyze prior assumptions for weaknesses. When faced with an elusive person or missing or contradictory information, these 10 steps will be your lifeline, helping you to grow your findings from “information,” to “evidence,” and ultimately to “proof,” and avert hours of wasted time in the balance.

In addition to the 10 steps, this QuickSheet contains a “Life Stages Worksheet”—a form to be filled in covering most life events from birth to death through six specific stages of life. This single-page form allows for a systematic listing of records that you can review at a glance. Because the “Worksheet” lists 38 different record categories, it can suggest key sources you may have overlooked or never even considered.

The new problem analysis QuickSheet is a laminated two-sided sheet designed for heavy use.

For more information about or to order copies of Quicksheet: The Historical Biographer’s Guide to Individual Problem Analysis, please CLICK HERE.

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