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Scots-Irish Links Consolidation Edition


David Dobson’s Scots-Irish Links Consolidated Edition incorporates sixteen separate titles published between 1994 and 2021 and covers persons of known Scots-Irish heritage between 1575 and 1900. Scots-Irish Links Consolidation Edition improves upon the original, small books by adding a full-name index to the entire opus, thereby identifying every person named in the alphabetically arranged abstracts. The new edition also contains a 12-page addendum of entries never before published. Every entry in Scots-Irish Links places an individual in a particular place at a particular time. Almost all of the abstracts add another defining detail, such as occupation, social status, reason for traveling, etc. Many also provide the names of the principal subject’s family members. 

To illustrate what researchers may expect to find in the consolidated work, here are a handful of sample entries. (The information in brackets refers to the source of the information in abbreviated format.)

Rollo, Susanne, youngest daughter of the late Andrew, Lord Rollo, and her husband Hugh Gillespie of Cherry Valley, Ireland, a deed, 2 February 1688. [NRS.GD56.102]

Rutherford, Thomas, an Ensign of the Earl of Dunbarton’s Regiment which landed in Kinsale in April 1679. [HMC.Ormonde.ii.219]

Schaw, Francis, in Strabane, brother-german of Robert Schaw of Bargarrane, granting him a rental income from the lands of Kilermonth, Stirlingshire, in 1613. [NRS.GD86.405]

Beacon, Edward, of Rathkeny, County Tipperary, matriculated at Glasgow University on 14 November 1754. [MAGU#51]

Matthew, Jane, 28 Haddington Road, Dublin, administration, 11 February 1898. [NAS.SC70/6]

Mathewson, John, a merchant in Londonderry, married Andrina, sixth Daughter of James Greig of Sandsound, Joint Procurator for the Shetland Islands, at Westhall near Lerwick on 25 May 1846. [W#VII.685]

Adair, Robert, settled in Ulster, returned to Scotland in 1639, accused of signing the National Covenant in Scotland in June 1639 and later plotting a Scottish invasion of Ireland with a rising at Ballymena, County Antrim, found not guilty and pardoned. [SP.Dom.Sig.Off.III#447/8]

Laird, John, master of the Swan of Donaghadee at the port of Glasgow 20 March 1666. [NAS.E72.10.1]

Lauder, William of Creichnes, was granted Irish denization and a grant of Kilrudden in the barony of Fewes, County Armagh, on 11 August 1610. [IPR][]; Undertaker in Precinct of Fewes, County Armagh, 1611. [SP.Ire.1611/385]; in County Armagh in February 1624. [Cal.SP.Ire.1625#1194]

Sanderson, Robert, of Castle Sanderson, County Down, decree against Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss dated 15 February 1710. [ECA. Moses.140/5476]

Scott, William, married Katherine Brown in Cramond, Scotland, then he left for Ireland. She, later, assuming that he was dead, married James Reid in Dalmeny, however William Scott returned from Ireland in 1642.  [SLT#162]

Whyt, Hugh, brother of Alexander Whyt of Hill, educated at Edinburgh University, graduated MA in 1676, denounced as a fugitive on 5 May 1684, licensed as a Presbyterian minister in Newtown, Ireland, on 31 January 1688, ordained 1690, minister in Stirlingshire, died in 1716. [F.4.311]