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The New Immigrant Lines in RD 900, by Gary Boyd Roberts

Royal Descents
The Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, or the United States

Readers familiar with Gary Boyd Roberts’ scholarship know that between 2004 and 2010, Mr. Roberts wrote smaller, earlier editions of his now magnum opus, The Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, or the United States (2018). The earliest edition of the work covered the royal descents of 500 immigrants. Mr. Roberts expanded that version with several newer ones, the last of which, published in 2008, bore the title, The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States Who Were Themselves Notable or Left Descendants Notable in American History. With a 2008 Addendum, Coda, and Final Addition.

Researchers who purchased one or more of Gary Roberts’ earlier editions may be interested to know the identities of the American immigrants who appear in the much expanded RD 900 for the first time. As the title (altered from RD 600) indicates, coverage now extends to Canadian royal lines.  While most of Mr. Roberts’ new immigrants arrived during the colonial period, a number came considerably later. Many—but not all–of these “newcomers” settled in the Middle Atlantic states from New York to Virginia.

Following is a list of the 140 new immigrants of royalty in RD 900, some of them possessing multiple lines to kings and queens of the past.

  1. Almy, Mrs. Audrey Barlow of R.I.
  2. Alston, John, of N.C.
  3. Almherst of Holmesdale and Montreal, Jeffrey Amherst, 1st Baron of, governor of Va.
  4. Annan, Mrs. Nina Maria (Nane) Lagergren Cronstedt, of N.Y.
  5. Ashby, John, of S.C.
  6. Ash€ (Lillington), Mrs. Mary Batt, of S.C.
  7. Baillie, Robert, of Ga.
  8. Barcroft, Mrs. Elizabeth Wood, of Va.
  9. Baring-Gould, William Drake, of Minn.
  10. Barnes, Charles, of N.Y.
  11. Baskerville, John, of Va.
  12. Bellingham, Mrs. Elizabeth Backhouse, of Mass.
  13. Blount, James, of N.C.
  14. Boone, Thomas, gov. of N.J. and S.C.
  15. Booth, Thomas, of Va.
  16. Brassey, Thomas, of Pa.
  17. Breyer, Hon. Mrs. Joanna Freda Hare, of Mass.
  18. Bridges, Mrs. Mary Woodcock, of Mass.
  19. Brodnax, Mrs. Dorothy Beresford, of Va.
  20. Buncombe, Edward, of N.C.
  21. Burr, Mrs. Abigail Brewster, of Conn.
  22. Burton, Mrs. Beatrice Maud Boswell Eliott, of N.Y.
  23. Burwell, Mrs. Abigail Smith, of Va.
  24. Calthorpe, Christopher, of Va.
  25. Cary, Hon. Mrs. Cynthia Burke Roche Burden, of R.I.
  26. Cheseldine, Kenelm, atty gen. of Md.
  27. Cleeve, Mrs. Joan Price of Me.
  28. Clement(s), Mrs. Elizabeth Bullock, of Mass.
  29. Cooke, Mrs. Elizabeth Haynes, of Mass.
  30. Cotton, Leonard, of N.H.
  31. Coward Noel (Pierce), sometime of N.Y.
  32. Hamilton-Cox, Henry, of Pa.
  33. Dalyell (Mrs.) Magdalen (Dalyell Monteith, later), of Va.
  34. Danvers, Thomas, of Pa.
  35. Dobkin, Maria Immaculata Pia (Countess) von Habsburg, of N.Y.
  36. Dobyns, Daniel, of Va.
  37. Dodge, Mrs. Jane Evans, of N.Y.
  38. Dunlop, Archibald, of Conn.
  39. Edgeworth, Richard, of N.C.
  40. Elwes (Ivan Simon), Cary of Calif.
  41. Evans, John, of Radnor, Pa.
  42. Everett, Rupert (Hector), of Calif.
  43. Falconer, Alexander, of Md.
  44. Falconer, Patrick, of Conn. And N.J.
  45. Fenner, Mrs. Anne Coddington, of N.C.
  46. Fiennes, Ralph (Nathaniel), of Calif.
  47. Fiennes, Joseph (Alberic), of Calif.
  48. Gage, Hon. Thomas, of Mass.
  49. Gale, George, of Va. and Md.
  50. Golding, Ephraim, of L.I., N.Y.
  51. Gotherson (Hogben), Mrs. Dorothea Scott, of L.I., N.Y.
  52. Von Graffenried, Christoph(er), Baron, Landgrave of N.C.
  53. Grant, Hugh (John Mungo), sometime of Calif.
  54. Greene, Thomas, gov. of Md.
  55. Gyllenhaal, Anders Leonard, of Ill.
  56. Harbou, Fritz, of N.Y.
  57. Hardy, Lady Elizabeth Tate, wife of Sir Charles Hardy, gov. of N.Y., admiral
  58. Harrison, Benjamin, of Va.
  59. Haugwitz-Hardenburg-Reventlow, Curt Henry Eberhard Erdmann George, Count of N.Y.
  60. Henchman, Mrs. Sarah Woodward, of Mass.
  61. Hepburn, Audrey, of Calif. (Mrs. Edda Kathleen van Heemstra-Hepburn-Ruston Ferrer Dotti)
  62. Hubbard, Mrs. Judith Knapp, of Mass.
  63. Hughes (Hugh, Pugh), John, of Pa.
  64. Huxley, Aldous Leonard, of Calif.
  65. Hyde, Edward, proprietary gov. of N.C.
  66. Jernegan, Thomas, of Va.
  67. Jerningham, Henry, of Md.
  68. Johnston, Mrs. Henrietta de Beaulieu Dering, of S.C. (first husband, Robert Dering)
  69. Jones, Mrs. Dorothy Walker, of Va.
  70. Kennedy, William, of N.C.
  1. Kyrle, Lady Mary Jephson, of S.C.
  2. Kyrle, Sir Richard, governor of S.C.
  3. Law, Thomas, of Va.
  4. Lechmere, Thomas of Mass.
  5. Levis, Samuel, of Pa.
  6. Lillie, Beatrice Gladys, “Bea,” of N.Y. (husband, Sir Robert Peel, 5th Bt.)
  7. Lovell, Mrs. Penelope Eleanor Elphinstone-Dalrymple Balston, of Mass.
  8. Lowell, Percival, of Mass.
  9. Ludwell, Gov. Philip, of N.C. and S.C. (descendants in Va.)
  10. Lunsford, Lady Katherine Neville, of Va.
  11. Mackay, George, of Washington, D.C.
  12. Maitland, James William, of N.Y.
  13. McEwen, John William, of Me.
  14. McKay, George Alexander, of Mass.
  15. Meade, Mrs. Henrietta Constantia Worsam, of Pa.
  16. Mellon, Mrs. Vivian Ruesch, of N.Y.
  17. Moore, Mrs. Katherine Selwood, of S.C.
  18. Nelson, Philip, of Mass.
  19. Nelson, Thomas (Jr.), of Mass.
  20. Niven, Mrs. Primula Susan Rollo, of Calif.
  21. Norwood, Henry, of Va.
  22. Nowell, Increase, secretary of Mass.
  23. Ogilvy, David Mackenzie, of N.Y.
  24. Otis, Mrs. Rose Stoughton, of N.H.
  25. Oxenbridge, Mrs. Frances Woodward (husband of Mass.)
  26. Parsons, Mrs. Audrey Divett Buller, of R.I.
  27. Peter, Rober, of Md.
  28. Peter(s), Mrs. Deliverance Sheffield, of Mass.
  29. Plater-Zyberk, Maria Malgarzata Paulina Wilhelmina Roza Leopoldyna Julia Wielopolska, Countess, of Pa.
  30. Poole, Mrs. Jane Greene, of Mass.
  31. Radziwill, Stanislaus Albert, Prince, of N.Y.
  32. Ritchie, Guy Stuart, sometime of N.Y. or Calif. (husband of Madonna [Louise Veronica] Cicone)
  33. Rivers, Mrs. Elizabeth Mallory, of S.C.
  34. Roosevelt, Mrs. Lydia M. Latrobe, of N.Y.
  35. Sewall Henry, secretary of Md.
  36. Seymour, Mrs. Hester Newton, of Md.
  37. Seymour, John, governor of Md.
  38. Shepard, Mrs. Margaret Estouteville/Touteville, of Mass.
  39. Skepper/Skipper, Rev. William, of Mass.
  40. Skinner, Mrs. Anne Storer Truman, of Md.
  41. Smith, Mrs. Maria Jo(h)anna Somerset Lowther, of Md.
  42. Snelling, William, of Mass.
  43. Southill (Sothild, Sothill, Sotehill, Sothel), Seth, gov. of N.C.
  44. Stevenson, Robert Louis, sometime of N.Y. and Calif.
  45. Stites, Mrs. Mary Underhill Naylor, of N.Y.
  46. Storer, Arthur, of Md.
  47. Stratton, Mrs. Anne Derehaugh, of Mass.
  48. Summersby, Kay (Mrs. Kathleen Helen McCarthy-Morrogh Summersby Morgan), of N.Y.
  49. Sydnor, Fortunatus, of Va.
  50. Taylor, James, of Mass.
  51. Thompson, Stephens/Stevens, atty. gen. of Va.
  52. Tucker, Henry, of Va.
  53. Umfreville/Humphreville, John, of Conn.
  54. Underhill, Humphrey, of N.Y.
  55. Van Tuyl, Jan Otten, of N.Y.
  56. Ward (Sheed), (Mrs.) Mary Josephine “Maisie,” of N.Y.
  57. Wedgwood, Josiah Ralph Patrick, of Seattle, Wash.
  58. West, Anthony, of N.Y.
  59. Whitehead, Mrs. Evelyn Ada Maud Rice Willoughby-Wade, of Mass.
  60. Williams, Mrs. Frances Baldwin Townshend Jones, of Va.
  61. Wiling, Charles, of Pa.
  62. Wilson, Mrs. Elizabeth Mansfield, of Mass.
  63. Wilson, Leighton, of Ga.
  64. Wodehouse, Sir Pelham Grenville (P.G.), sometime of N.Y.
  65. Woolley, Emmanuel, of R.I.
  66. Worden, Peter, of Mass.
  67. Wyatt, Mrs. Barbara Mitford, of Va.
  68. Wyndham/Windham, Edward, of Va.
  69. Yonge, Francis, chief justice of S.C.
  70. Yonge, Robert, of S.C.