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Happy New Year!

The year 2018 was another good one for quality publications from the experts. Leading the pack was the Professional Genealogy. Preparation, Practice & Standards, edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills, a new guide to the profession by and for a new generation of genealogical educators. Gary Boyd Roberts’ Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, or the United States, sets a high bar for understanding American families with royal ancestry. Jack Crowder’s new book on the women heroines of the American Revolution gives about one hundred, mostly unsung women their due. With the second edition of his Historic German Newspapers Online, by expert genealogist Ernest Thode, adds many new sources for online German newspaper research. And prolific authors Michael Ports and David Dobson came through with multiple publications in 2018. To learn more about our most popular titles for 2018, click on any of the links below that strikes your fancy.

Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards

The Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, or the United States

Women Patriots in the American Revolution

Historic German Newspapers Online. 2nd Edition

Genealogy at a Glance: Tennessee Genealogy Research

Genealogy at a Glance: South Carolina Genealogy Research

Through the Tax Assessor’s Eyes. Enslaved People, Free Blacks and Slaveholders in Early Nineteenth-Century Baltimore

Scottish Trade with Colonial Charleston, 1683-1783

A Guide to Chicago and Midwestern Polish-American Genealogy. 2nd Edition

Scottish Soldiers in Colonial America – Part Five

Irish Emigrants in North America. Part Nine

Ships from Ireland to Early America, 1623-1850. Vol. Five

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  1. Shirley Farrell
    Shirley Farrell says:

    Is there still a Genealogical magazine? Several years ago I subscribed to one that I cannot remember the name of, but I thought it was Genealogical ? Do you know of one?

    • admin
      admin says:

      I believe you’re referring to the magazine “”GENEALOGICAL HELPER”, unfortunately it has been discontinued for at least 5 years.


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