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Ohio Genealogy News Praises Third Edition of Genealogical Research in Ohio

Genealogical Research in Ohio Review

The Winter 2023 edition of Ohio Genealogy News (Vol.54: No. 4), the quarterly newsletter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, features a review by genealogist Katharine Ott of the new edition of Genealogical Research in Ohio, by Kip Sperry.

Here are a few highlights from that review:

“The updated and revised version is a thorough coverage of on-site, published, and online records for all the usual topics . . . and perhaps ones the readers haven’t considered yet. . . . And be sure to check out the extensive bibliography of books available on various topics . . . Much of the information we want (need!) has not yet been digitized. Sperry’s book could be just the place you find a unique location  . . .where that specific information is readily available. For a solid genealogical immersion in everything Ohio, this book is a great selection!”

You can read the entire review on page 16 of the Winter 2023 edition. If you are an Ohio researcher and been on the fence about adding this book to your personal collection, you should take this review to heart.