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Extensive Table of Contents from Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors

Scots-Irish Genealogy

A few weeks ago, we announced that fact that is now the North American publisher of Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors: The essential genealogical guide to early modern Ulster, 1600-1800, by William R. Roulston. In order to better convey that enormity of this book’s coverage of the records pertaining to the genealogy of Northern Ireland, on this occasion we have reprinted the table of contents itself. We must also draw our readers’ attention to the fact that, although the text of Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors, ends around page 250, the volume continues for another 350 pages. The vast Appendices that occupy the largest portion of Mr. Roulston’s book drill down into the records of hundreds of parishes, a county-by-county description of 350 estate collections throughout Ulster, a comprehensive list of all local archives and libraries, and a table that links every Ulster townland to its corresponding civil parish and county.

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