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Kudos for New 2nd Edition of Historic German Newspapers Online, by Ernest Thode

Review of Historic German Newspapers Online. Second Edition

For many years, Ernest Thode’s books have helped researchers find their German ancestors. These include six editions of his Address Book for Germanic Genealogy and his timeless German-English Genealogical Dictionary. More recently, he has made a study of free German-language newspapers available online. The first edition of Historic German Newspapers Online appeared in 2014. Since then, a great many more historic German newspapers have been digitized, prompting the need for this enlarged second edition, which is nearly 100 pages longer than the previous edition.  As with his other books, the new edition has been greeted with widespread praise. Here are some samples of those plaudits.

Historic German Newspapers Online 2nd Edition

“The second updated edition of Historic German Newspapers Online provides German ancestry researchers with an invaluable key to searching German-language newspapers; especially important considering that more than 2,000 such papers are available online at various public and private websites. This book collects all such holdings by location and title, including dates for which they are available online and adding many more historic newspapers which have been newly digitized.”—Midwest Book Review, March 2019

“This book’s coverage is literally worldwide . . . these newspapers refer to millions of individuals and can, therefore, be a gold mine of family information. As a result Historic German Newspapers Online is a valuable guide to useful resources utilized by both genealogists and historians.”—KINSEARCHING,  Jan 6, 2019

“Once again we are indebted to Mr. Thode for providing an extremely valuable resource.”—The Palatine Immigrant, March 2019“

Be sure to read the Introduction, which provides information on some of the most significant websites as well as how to use the book. The more than 2,000 digitized newspapers are 50 years old or older and are online at public and private websites—most of them searchable.”—Illinois Ancestors, The News-Gazette, 2/6/19