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Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter Highlights Our Publications

Recent issues of Dick Eastman’s “Online Genealogy Newsletter” featured positive reviews of a number of our new books or book series. Since EOGN is the most influential and largest of the Genealogy blogs and e-zines, we are always pleased when our authors/books get a mention. Each of the new reviews was written by Bobbi King for EOGN. Here are the high points of the reviews. 

Book Review: Women Patriots in the American Revolution, May 23, 2019

“The participation of women in the Revolutionary War has been historically ignored . . .Mr. Crowder has put together a book with biographical sketches of eighty-eight women who defied British authorities, providing aid to the partisan Americans in one way or another. . . . The author uses encyclopedias, biographies, histories, lineage books, and various published sources as his references. This is an interesting set of stories that give credit to the fraction of the population who performed heroic deeds during the American war of independence that  have gone unnoticed for too long.” View Book Details

Book Review: Abstracts of the Debt Books of the Provincial Land Office of Maryland [Multiple Counties], May 16, 2019

“Vernon L. Skinner, Jr. has put together a set of books representing a remarkable amount of work, for our reference. The Maryland Provincial Land Office dispensed land from 1634 to 1777. The Rent Rolls and Debt Books record the annual rents due to the Lord Proprietor from the person to whom the tract was granted. The original Debt Books are arranged by county, then by year, then by the name of the person paying the rent. Each liber contains information for only one county, but for multiple years. The compiled information in these books is arranged in table form: liber and folio citation, name of taxpayer, name of tract and acreage . . . Each volume has an index for ease of locating taxpayers by surname. I offer my admiration and kudos to Mr. Skinner for such good work that leaves us such good resources as these.” View Book Details (First Book in Series. Please also see titles in this series for the following Maryland counties: Anne Arundel, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Kent, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, Smerset, St. Mary’s, Talbot, and Worcester.)

Book Review: The People of . . . series of books by David Dobson, May 21, 2019

The prodigious compiler David Dobson continues to memorialize the Scottish and Irish Peoples and some others.

The People of Strathmore [Scotland] 1600-1799. 2017. 212 pp.
The People of Moray, Banff, and Nairn 1700-1799. 2019. 99 pp.
The People of Fife [Scotland]. 2018. 183 pp.
The People of Dublin 1600-1799. 2016. 155 pp.
The People of the Winward Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and Curacao 1620-1860. 2019. 188 pp.

These books are simply formatted: they contain the names, listed alphabetically, of individuals who occupied the villages and towns.  . . Mr. Dobson’s series of books would certainly complement the researcher’s library of British and Irish resources. The many books by David Dobson may be ordered from the publisher, Genealogical Publishing Company, by starting here.