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New Study Concludes that Teaching Family History to Children Builds Personal Resilience

According to a survey of young people conducted by psychologists at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia,  “children who know more about their families and family history are more resilient and tend to do better when facing challenges life.” Researchers also learned that youngsters who knew more about their family’s past had more self-confidence and a sense of being connected to something larger than themselves.  This attribute can also foster compassion in young persons. Survey results also revealed a strong relationship between knowledge of family history and children’s emotional well-being and happiness.

The Emory University study was reported in the [Provo, Utah] Daily Herald on February 23, 2019. “Genealogy Pointers” subscribers can read the entire article here. publishes a number of books that adults can use to teach children/grandchildren about their family history.  Here are a few of them: