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We’ve setup a different “Today Only” offers for Friday the 26th, Saturday the 27th, and Monday the 29th that consist of four titles each. They are one-day-only offers for some of our best books at discounts you surly don’t want to miss. Please review each of the on-sale titles and details below for each one-day-only deal. Note: Each deal expires at 11:59 PM EDT on the day of the offer.

Friday October 26th Offer

Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds
This index encompasses the earliest land records of Kentucky. The information in the volume is arranged alphabetically according to the names of the grantees, and includes the number of acres, dates, locations, and references to the page references in the original records, which are now housed at the Land Office in Frankfort. There are more than 45,000 entries in the volume, most of which are devoted to Fayette, Lincoln, and Jefferson county records prior to 1792.

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Kegley’s Virginia Frontier
Kegley’s Virginia Frontier is a mammoth work detailing the social, religious, and family life in Southwest Virginia from 1730 to 1790.Kegley focuses particularly on the settlers themselves. He identifies each newcomer with his place of settlement, and then examines the pioneer’s experiences and subsequent movements, using nearly three dozen maps to show more definitively the location of settlements and important homesteads. There are biographical sketches and countless lists of land grants and deeds of conveyance identifying thousands of early frontier settlers.

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Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775. New 2nd Edition!
This new second edition of the Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775 contains fully 30% more convict passengers than in the original. Dr. David Dobson has made some modifications as well; for example, some men who were thought to have been Covenanters are now classed as rebels and English transportees have been omitted, while the references used have been enhanced to facilitate further research. In total, somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 Scots were banished to the Americas during the Colonial period (whereas England transported around 50,000 and Ireland in excess of 10,000), all of whom contributed to the settlement and development of Colonial America.

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Female Index to James Savage’s “Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England”
Because Savage’s “Dictionary” was originally published one volume at a time, in alphabetical order, the author never produced an index to the work as a whole. This limitation has always made it difficult to find female ancestors. Now, however, thanks to the heroic efforts of the late Patty Barthell Myers, the difficulty of finding females in Savage’s “Dictionary” is a thing of the past. In her book, Mrs. Myers identifies every woman/girl to be found in the “Dictionary.” Each female appears in the Myers INDEX under a maiden name and, separately, under the name of her husband.

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Saturday October 27th Offer

Married Well and Often: Marriages of the Northern Neck of Virginia, 1649-1800
This work contains a list of 7,000 marriages and boasts an additional 16,000 index entries. Starting with marriage license bonds for the counties of Lancaster, Northumberland, Old Rappahannock, Richmond, and Westmoreland, the author added marriages from scattered licenses, fee books, ministers’ returns, family Bibles, and notes in various volumes of court records, and more. Besides the names of husband and wife and the date of marriage, entries may contain the names of parents, grandparents, former spouses, children of previous marriages, and other relations.

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King’s Mountain and Its Heroes
A classic work by the eminent historian Lyman Draper, it is based on material gathered over a 40-year period from survivors of the engagement, their descendants, contemporary narratives, and original documents. It contains extensive sketches, notices, and biographies of the leading figures, including considerable genealogical data.

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The Ark and the Dove Adventurers [Maryland, 1633]
In November, 1633, the 358-ton “Ark” and the 26-ton “Dove” sailed from the Isle of Wight in England, transporting some 125 colonists to settle the Proprietary Province of Maryland. This new work is the first comprehensive account of those original Maryland colonists, and it contains compiled genealogies of their descendants to the fifth generation when possible. It is an authoritative and significant contribution to early Maryland history and genealogy.

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The Ricker Compilation of Vital Records of Early Connecticut, Based on the Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records and Other Statistical Sources.
This remarkable publication, containing over one million records, contains not only the contents of Lucius Barbour’s vast manuscript (now published in 55 volumes), but also the town records for those few Connecticut towns that Mr. Barbour did not transcribe (e.g. New Haven) because other scholars had already done so during the course of Barbour’s labors.

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Monday October 29th Offer

State Census Records
It’s a fact that state governments have also carried out censuses randomly throughout their history to satisfy a variety of purposes, notwithstanding the decennial federal ones. These state censuses are invaluable to genealogists because they fill in gaps left by missing federal censuses. For example, 12 states conducted censuses between 1885 and 1895, any one of which can substitute for that state’s missing 1890 federal census. For all of these reasons, state censuses can give you a more complete picture of your ancestors and solve genealogical problems. To find out what state censuses exist, what kinds of information they contain, and where they can be found, read State Census Records, by Ann Lainhart, the definitive guide to this major, though vastly under-used, genealogical resource.

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The Prominent Families of the U.S.A
When it came to books on American families–historically prominent families of British or European descent–they did no less in matters of style and content, and of the three great Burke’s volumes produced on American families, this present one is generally thought to be the most authoritative. Hundreds of pedigrees are included, each beginning with the living subject and showing his descent from the earliest known forebear. Click the link below to see if your family is covered here.

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Pension List of 1820
The “Pension List of 1820,” compiled pursuant to a Congressional Act of 1818 and containing 17,000 entries, is the most complete list of Revolutionary War pensioners compiled up to the date of its publication. Arranged according to the state or territory of residence and thereunder in rough alphabetical order, pensioners are listed with their rank line of service.

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Old Kent County [Virginia] Some Account of the Planters, Plantations, and Places
The work is arranged by county and thereunder according to the Episcopal parishes that comprised each county, namely Blisland and St. Peter’s in New Kent; Stratton Major, St. Stephen’s, and Drysdale in King & Queen; and St. John’s and St. David’s in King William. Besides the local and family histories, the publication boasts of an inventory of extant records at each county clerk’s office, a number of lists of landowners, marriage or other source records, and a comprehensive name index. Of greatest interest to genealogists, of course, are the genealogies and sketches of Old New Kent families.

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