Scottish Wills and Testaments

New Scottish Guidebook Provides Lowdown on Records of Inheritance

Among its many features, Dr. David Dobson’s new book, Scottish Genealogy: Beyond the Basics explains the process of inheritance in Scotland and the terms and locations researchers must reckon with when hunting for them.  Here’s a sample taken from the book:  Scottish Wills and Testaments In Scotland inheritance is controlled by a testament, a term[…]Read more

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Genealogy Book Review

Scottish Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond Garners More Praise for David Dobson

We recently received three new reviews for David Dobson’s new guidebook, Scottish Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond. The good notices came from the Midwest Book Review, the long-running genealogy column “Kinsearching,” and Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter. We have excerpted the reviews for this issue of “Genealogy Pointers.” “Dobson has compiled an extensive list of the publications and archival records that[…]Read more

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