Companions of Champlain: Founding Families of Quebec, 1608-1635

Founding Families of Quebec, by Denise Larson

Denise R. Larson’s popular book, Companions of Champlain: Founding Families of Quebec, 1608-1635, is a skillful blend of genealogy and history. The narrative first half of the book describes the governmental, mercantile, and navigational background to Champlain’s arrival at Tadoussac in June 1608. Most of the balance of the book traces the descendancies of Champlain’s crew[…]Read more

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Census Example

Canadian Census Tips from Denise Larson

The following post is from author, Denise Larson, who has offered her expertise on other topics such as Maine Genealogy in two parts, as well as the recently posted piece about Canada’s upcoming anniversaries (from 2016). This year, 2016, marks the sesquarcentennial—350th anniversary—of the first official census taken in Canada. Only 163 pages long and enumerated in part by[…]Read more

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Maine genealogy

“Genealogical Resources in Maine,” by Denise R. Larson. Part Two

(In the first installment of this article, Denise Larson described the historical forces and settlement patterns that form the background to Maine genealogy. In the concluding installment, she offers excellent “how-to’ and “where-to” guidance concerning how to conduct Maine genealogical research.) Great Places to Do Genealogy in Maine Of particular note in the search for[…]Read more

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Maine Genealogy

“Genealogical Resources in Maine,” by Denise R. Larson. Part One

Just as the Smithsonian is said to be the nation’s attic, Maine is New England’s attic. Among Maine’s many treasures and whatnots are several early nineteenth-century embroidery samplers that are more than elaborate fruits and flowers surrounding a carefully stitched alphabet. The fine silk threads sewn into the linen of these special samplers sketch family[…]Read more

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