They Went Thataway

3 vols. in 1


Author: Hamlin, Charles Hughes
Publication Date: 1964-66
Reprint Date: 2007
Pages: 444 pp. in all
ISBN: 9780806305882


Composed almost entirely of abstracts of wills, deeds, marriage records, powers of attorney, court orders, church records, cemetery records, tax records, guardianship accounts, etc., this unique work provides substantive evidence of the migration of individuals and families to Virginia or from Virginia to other states, countries, or territories.

Although primarily concerned with Virginians, the data are of wide-ranging interest. England, France, Germany, Scotland, Barbados, Jamaica, and twenty-three American states are represented, all entries splendidly tied to court sources and authorities. Each record provides prima facie evidence of places of origin and removal, irrefutably linking individuals to both their old and their new homes, and incidentally naming parents and kinsmen, all 10,000 of whom are listed in alphabetical order in the indexes. It is a safe observation that half of the records, having been exhumed from the most improbable sources (some augmented by the compiler’s personal files), are the only ones in existence which can prove the ancestor’s identity and origin.

“Seldom, if ever, has so much useful and original genealogical material oppeared within the covers of a single volume.”–The Genealogical Quarterly (Summer 1965).

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