The Unpublished Roll of Honor


Author: Hughes, Mark
Publication Date: 1996
Pages: 341 pp.
ISBN: 9780806314877


This “Unpublished” Roll of Honor is based largely on materials Mr. Hughes discovered at the National Archives, including records of national cemeteries omitted from the original series, records of headstone requests (often for soldiers who were buried in private cemeteries), and records of post cemeteries that eluded the original compilers. All told, something like 8,500 men are listed here with (usually) their rank, company, and unit. The data is arranged by state and therein alphabetically by cemetery, and all names are conveniently listed in the index. Following the lead of the original Roll of Honor, this work also includes the names of soldiers who were buried in post cemeteries on the western frontier, and it sometimes lists the names of civilians who were buried in post cemeteries–usually soldiers’ wives or children. For institutions and individuals who own copies of the original Roll and the new Index, this is a “must buy” companion volume.

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