The Jacobites of Angus, 1689-1746

In Two Parts


Author: Dobson, David
Publication Date: 1997
Reprint Date: 2002
Pages: 49 pp. in all
ISBN: 9780806347165

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Following the Glorious Revolution, the supporters of the House of Stuart, known as Jacobites, could be found throughout the British Isles, but they were most numerous in the Highlands and North East Scotland, particularly among those of the Roman Catholic faith. The county of Angus, or Forfarshire, made a significant contribution to the Jacobite armies of 1715 and 1745. Dobson has compiled a list of about 900 persons–including not only soldiers but also civilians who lent crucial support to the rebellion and who were subsequently tried and imprisoned by the Crown. Arranged alphabetically, the entries always give the full name of the Jacobite, his occupation, and his rank, date of service and unit (if military). In many instances the entries also reveal the individual’s date of birth, the names of his parents, a specific place of origin, and a wide range of destinations to which the Jacobites fled after each of the failed insurrections.

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