The History of Haverhill [Massachusetts]

from Its First Settlement, in 1640, to the Year 1860


Author: Chase, George Wingate
Publication Date: 1861
Reprint Date: 2005
Pages: 683 pp.


This is the standard history of the town of Haverhill, Massachusetts. Fully two-thirds of this volume is devoted to the period prior to the end of the American Revolution. Mr. Chase describes Haverhill’s milestones–the laying out of the town, Indian wars, Haverhill in the Revolution, and so on–against a backdrop of genealogy. Thus, the narrative is interrupted on numerous occasions by genealogical and biographical essays of prominent citizens, lists of voters, militia companies, signatories to this and that, tax lists, householders in 1798, etc. The separate name index at the back of the book totals as many as 7,500 entries.

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