Some Pennsylvania Women During the War of the Revolution


Author: Egle, William Henry
Publication Date: 1898
Reprint Date: 1993
Pages: 208 pp.


In an effort to enshrine the heroic efforts of those women living outside the city of Philadelphia who helped sustain Washington’s army at Valley Forge, Dr. Egle prepared genealogical and biographical sketches of the 69 Pennsylvania heroines of the Revolution and their spouses. Following is a list of all the heroines, which provides, in the interest of space, the first initial of each heroine’s given name, then her maiden and married name: E. Wilkins Allison, R. Lyon Armstrong, S. Richardson Atlee, M. Quigley Brady, E. Depui Brodhead, E. Lytle Brown, M. Phillips Bull, S. Shippen Burd, K. Hamilton Chambers, E. Zane Clark, J. Roan Clingan, M. Crawford Cook, S. Simpson Cooke, M. Cochran Corbin, M.K. Cutter Covenhoven, H. Vance Crawford, C. Martin Davidson, A. Schenck Davies, H. Blair Foster, A. West Gibson, R. Marx Graydon, C. Ewing Hand, M. Alexander Hamilton, K. Holtzinger Hartley, M. Ludwig Hays, A. Wood Henry, C. Covenhoven Hepburn, S. Harris Irvine, A. Callender Irvine, J. McDowell Irwin, A. Erwin Johnston, M. Beatty Johnston, A. West (Alricks) Lowrey, S. Nelson McAlister, S. Holmes McClean, M. Sanderson McCormick, M. Lewis McFarland, M. Hoge McKee, M. Stout Macpherson, M. Van Brunt Magaw, S. Miller Mickley, S. Morris Mifflin, R. Rush (Boyce) Montgomery, E. Thompson Moorhead, M. White Morris, M. Mayes Murray, W. Oldham Neville, M. Carson O’Hara, R. Kucher Orth, S. McDowell Piper, M. Lowrey Plumer, E. Potter Poe, M. O’Brien Pollock, E. Parker Porter, E. Myer Reily, J. Ralston Rosbrugh, P. Bayard St. Clair, M. Murray Simpson, M. Thompson Sproat, M. Espy Stewart, H. Tiffany Swetland, U. Muller Thomas, C. Ross Thompson, H. Harrison Thomson, E. Grotz Traill, L. Hollingsworth Wallis, J. Murray Watts, M. Penrose Wayne, and M. A. Bechtel Weygandt.

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