Some Feudal Coats of Arms from Heraldic Rolls 1298-1418

Illustrated with 830 Zinco Etchings from Effigies, Brasses and Coats of Arms


Author: Foster, Joseph
Publication Date: 1902
Reprint Date: 1994
Pages: 296 pp.
ISBN: 9780806348872


Some Feudal Coats of Arms is primarily a collection, from the Heraldic Rolls, of the names, with the personal insignia displayed on their banners or vestments, of the combatants at the battle of Falkirk, 1298, and at the siege of Carlaverock, 1300, at the tournaments of Dunstable in 1308 and 1334, at the battle of Boroughbridge, 1322, or at the siege of Calais, 1345-1348, and before Rouen, 1418. With these have been incorporated additional names and blazons in the so-called Heraldic Rolls or Lists. In addition to the Roll authority for each, the given name as well as the surname of its original holder is given.

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