Settlers of Maryland, 1679-1783. Consolidated Edition


Author: Coldham, Peter Wilson
Publication Date: 2002
Pages: 902 pp.


Originally published between 1995 and 1996 the five volumes of Settlers of Maryland had a profound impact on colonial Maryland genealogy. Starting at the point where Gust Skordas’s
famous Early Settlers of Maryland, 1633-1680 left off, it identified all grants of land in Maryland made by purchase, a process involving the drafting of three distinct documents–warrants, certificates of survey, and patents. Owing to the great demand for this information, several of the original Coldham volumes quickly went out of print, but rather than reissue them one by one, GPC decided to consolidate the separate volumes into a single, all-inclusive reference work. In this present work, therefore, the researcher will find all the data in the original five volumes laid out in a single alphabetical sequence. Entries in the consolidated edition are arranged by family name, county, name of tract, acreage, date, and reference to original sources. Altogether approximately 20,000 landowners are named along with their numerous and vast tracts of land.

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