Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky: Also a Roster of the Virginia Navy


Author: Quisenberry, Anderson Chenault
Publication Date: 1896
Reprint Date: 2006
Pages: 206 pp.


Nearly all the adult male settlers of Kentucky had seen service in the Revolutionary War, and this 0was especially true of the settlers from Virginia, many of whom had been granted bounty lands in Kentucky for their Revolutionary services. In addition to a roll of the officers of the Virginia Line who received land bounties in Kentucky, this work includes a roll of the Revolutionary pensioners in Kentucky, a list of the Illinois Regiment that served under George Rogers Clark in the Northwest Campaign, and a roster of the Virginia Navy, amounting in total to about 6,500 individuals. The important roll of pensioners, alphabetically arranged under each county, contains about 3,000 names, with rank or grade, the state they served from, character of service, the act under which they were beneficiaries, the date they were placed on the rolls, and their ages.

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