[In the Words of Her Contemporaries]


Author: Brown, Stuart E., Jr.
Publication Date: 1989
Reprint Date: 2007
Pages: iv 34 pp.


Mr. Brown, the author of three volumes on the descendants of Pocahontas, has here assembled all that is known about the famous Powhatan Indian princess who reputedly saved the life of Captain John Smith, the leader of the Jamestown expedition. Diminutive in size, the book transports the reader back to 17th-century Virginia by weaving the quotations of people who knew the Indian maiden with reproductions of more than a dozen contemporary etchings, drawings, or maps. In this way, we are able to appreciate the romantic legend we first heard in grade school while, at the same time, being reasonably confident that we know all that can be known about actual incidents of the story. This is the unembellished Pocahontas story, the only story that can possibly be developed from historical fact.

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