Pocahontas’ Descendants, Fourth and Fifth Corrections and Additions


Author: Brown, Stuart E., Jr., Lorraine F. Myers
Publication Date: 2004
Reprint Date: 2008
Pages: vi 41 pp.


Thomas Rolfe, the son of John Rolfe and Pocahontas, the legendary Indian princess, was the father of Jane Rolfe and (possibly) Anne Rolfe, by different wives. Jane married a Bolling, and Anne married an Elwyn, from which unions issued an enormous progeny, today numbering in the tens of thousands and encompassing numerous lines of the colonial Virginia gentry.

Over nearly 20 years, Mr. Brown and his associates at the Pocahontas Foundation in Berryville, Virginia, endeavored to compile the definitive genealogy of Pocahontas’ descendants. Starting with the Bolling lines, which include the “white,” “red” and “blue” Bollings, the Foundation has issued a series of books that carries Pocahontas’ descendants down to the present time. The base volume in the series, Pocahontas’ Descendants, was originally published in 1985, followed by three volumes of corrections and additions. In 1994, Genealogical Publishing Company reprinted the base volume, along with the first two volumes of corrections and additions, in a single hardback volume. Third Corrections and Additions, published in 1997, is also available from Genealogical Publishing Company.

Clearfield Company is pleased to announce its publication of a paperback edition of the final installments in this series, Fourth and Fifth Corrections and Additions to Pocahontas’ Descendants. This present volume, consisting of two separate sections of additions and corrections to the existing canon, contains over 80 pages of changes and revisions, with separate indexes referring to more than 2,800 names. Following the pattern of the earlier volumes, the name of the spouse of a Pocahontas descendant is listed even though that spouse is not a descendant of Pocahontas, but the name of a parent of such a spouse is not indexed unless, of course, that parent is a descendant of Pocahontas as well. This volume is an indispensable adjunct to contemporary Pocahontas scholarship and should be sought after by all persons and libraries that possess the earlier volumes.

N.B. Clearfield Company published the Fourth Corrections and Additions to Pocahontas’ Descendants in 2001. Since that work was out of print when Mr. Brown and Ms. Myers had completed their fifth supplement, we have chosen to combine them in a single volume at this time.

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