Peirce’s Colonial Lists

Civil, Military and Professional Lists of Plymouth and Rhode Island Colonies . . . 1621-1700


Author: Peirce, Ebenezer Weaver
Publication Date: 1881
Reprint Date: 2001
Pages: 156 pp.


This work contains classified lists of colonial, county, and town officers, both civil and military, and of colonial clergymen, physicians and lawyers, covering the period 1621-1700 for the Plymouth and Rhode Island Colonies. Divided into three classifications–civil, military, and professional–the data is arranged in tabular form under place, office, and date of service, with such additional information as residence, dates of election or appointment, and dates of commission of officers in the local militia. Also included in the work are excerpts from militia laws and laws of the Colonies. The surname index contains upwards of 1,000 names, most with multiple references.

“The facts gathered up and clearly arranged in this book are such as are often found the hardest to obtain, and those who have spent days and weeks in endeavoring to ascertain a single fact in our early history, will be thankful to General Peirce for the labor which future investigators into local history and genealogy will be spared by the use of this book.To do this must have required much unremitting toil, and the perseverance which the compiler has shown is worthy of all honor.”–New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. XXXV, No. 1.

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