New York in the Revolution as Colony and State [Together with Supplement]

2 vols. in 1


Author: Roberts, James A., Frederick G. Mather
Publication Date: 1898, 1901
Reprint Date: 1996
Pages: 900 pp. total

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Second only to Massachusetts in furnishing troops for the Revolutionary War, New York put at least 43,645 men in the field, all of whom are identified in this work from original muster rolls and payrolls in the State Comptroller’s Office, as well as from records concerning regiments of the “Line” in rolls on file in the old War Department in Washington. New York forces were divided into Lines, Levies, and Militias, and these units, combined with men from coastal privateers, totaled 43,645, but if we add the 8,237 men named in the Land Bounty Papers in this second edition, a total force of nearly 52,000 men is arrived at, all of whom are conveniently located in the index to the first volume.

Some three years after the publication of the second edition of New York in the Revolution, the State Comptroller’s Office published a second volume, or Supplement, of New York in the Revolution, in effect, a compilation of the documents and records in the Comptroller’s Office that were used in compiling the rolls and rosters in the first volume. In the reprint edition that we are now offering, these two scarce volumes have been combined into one, and New York’s contribution to the Revolutionary War is finally enshrined in a single, accessible, and affordable volume–one we are confident anyone with an interest in New York history and genealogy will appreciate.

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