Memoirs of a Huguenot Family

and Other Family Manuscripts; Comprising an Original Journal of Travels in Virginia, New York, Etc., in 1715 and 1716. Edited by Ann Maury


Author: Fontaine, Rev. James
Publication Date: 1853
Reprint Date: 2002
Pages: 512 pp.
ISBN: 9780806305530


Here is that classic history drawn from authentic family papers of the famous Huguenot family of Jacques Fontaine and the families of Fontaine and Maury, from whom thousands of persons now living in the United States are descended. The Memoirs concern the history of the family of De la Fontaine in France, England, Ireland, and Virginia, where Fontaine’s sons and daughters mostly emigrated. The latter half of the work contains the journal of John Fontaine, 1710-1718, concerning his travels in Virginia and New York, and letters of the Rev. Peter Fontaine of Westover, Virginia; of Peter Fontaine, Jr., of RockCastle, Hanover County, Virginia; and of the Rev. James Maury of Louisa County, Virginia, who married Mary Ann Fontaine and from whom Matthew Fontaine descended. The work also includes an Appendix of nearly fifty pages of historical documents of great Huguenot interest, including translations of the Edict of Nantes and the Revocation.

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