Mayflower Increasings

Second Edition


Author: Roser, Susan E.
Publication Date: 1995
Reprint Date: 2001
Pages: 170 pp.


Building on the previously published work of John Landis–the 1922 Mayflower Descendants and Their Marriages for Two Generations After the Landing–Mrs. Roser’s work provides an accurate and reliable summary of all that is presently known about the passengers of the Mayflower for the first three generations in America–names, dates, places, spouses, children, etc. Unique to the Roser work, each third generation listing includes references to records or sources that will help the researcher find fourth generation children. And new to this edition is a “Probate Appendix” which will assist the reader in identifying fourth and fifth generation children.

Sources noted within the text are given in parentheses in abbreviated form and are then fully identified in the extensive Reference List. Also included as appendices are Governor Bradford’s “List of the Mayflower Passengers” and the “1627 Cattle Division,” as both are of extreme importance in Mayflower research. The book is fully indexed and contains references to over 6,000 names or persons.

This edition of Mayflower Increasings is, in fact, a whole new book, not just a simple revision of an established text, and it contains at least three times as much information. At a minimum it fills in hundreds of blanks, resolves numerous discrepancies, and solves many long-standing problems.

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