Jamestown People to 1800

Landowners, Public Officials, Minorities, and Native Leaders


Author: McCartney, Martha W.
Publication Date: 2012
Pages: 556 pp.


In this volume Martha W. McCartney gives us a detailed look at the people associated with Jamestown from its founding in 1607 to 1800. Based on government records and private archives, it provides historical biographies of several distinct groups of people: Jamestown Island landowners, public officials such as council members and burgesses, Native-American leaders, and African Americans associated with Jamestown.

It also covers more than a thousand people who did not own land on Jamestown Island but whose activities brought them to Virginia’s capital city, including individuals who appeared before the General Court, Quakers who were jailed on account of their religious beliefs, Indians seeking justice on various matters, and participants in the popular uprising known as Bacon’s Rebellion.

Using an array of fascinating but little known sources, McCartney has carved out authoritative biographies and sketches of everyone in the public record associated with Virginia’s capital, from landowners to slaves; she has also enriched her text with a careful study of privately held papers, lending texture to the historical record while filling in little known details about this very distinctive population.

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