Irish Gravestone Inscriptions

A Guide to Sources in Ulster


Author: O'Kane, William, Eoin Kerr
Publication Date: 1999
Reprint Date: 2008
Pages: 57 pp.


Heritage World of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, has surveyed the gravestone inscriptions for almost 900 cemeteries across the northern part of Ireland. The great majority of these cemeteries are located in Northern Ireland, although the figure includes a substantial number from two other Ulster counties, Donegal and Monaghan, as well as several from County Louth. The survey encompasses cemeteries of all religious denominations as well as those administered by local district and borough councils. In each case, there is an exact transcript of all gravestone inscriptions, together with a simple plan of the cemetery.

Information pertaining to these cemeteries can be acquired from Heritage World either as an index, giving county, parish, person, cemetery name, date of death, and denomination, or as a full gravestone inscription. These details can be supplied for any name in a particular cemetery, parish, or county.

This book lists all cemeteries surveyed to date by Heritage World. Arranged by county, all 900 cemeteries are listed by the civil parish in which they are located, together with their religious denomination. In brief, then, this is a guide to the 900 cemeteries surveyed in the nine counties of Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Louth, Monaghan, and Tyrone, with pointers for the researcher to follow for acquiring full details of individual gravestone inscriptions.

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