Index to Marriage Notices in the Southern Churchman, 1835-1941

In Two Volumes. 2 vols. in 1


Author: Historical Records Survey of Virginia/Work Projects Adm.
Publication Date: 1942
Reprint Date: 1996
Pages: 316 327 pp.
ISBN: 9780806346168


The Southern Churchman, an organ for evangelical thought within the Protestant Episcopal Church, was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 1828 by the Reverend William Fitzhugh Lee. The Index to Marriage Notices in The Southern Churchman points to a recording of the marriages, over a period of 106 years, of between six and seven thousand persons, most of whom were either members of the Episcopal Church or otherwise connected with it. The marriages, which are arranged alphabetically and duplicated under the names of the bride and groom, give the full names of the betrothed and their hometowns, the date of their wedding, and, in most cases, the names of their fathers, the name of the officiating minister, and the place of the wedding ceremony.

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