Historic Georgia Families


Author: Rigsby, Lewis Wiley
Publication Date: 1925-28
Reprint Date: 1998
Pages: 258 pp.
ISBN: 9780806302980


This compilation of genealogies of early Georgia families features an index to some 2,000 surnames. Notable features of this work are its alphabetically arranged lists of the early settlers in the neighborhood of old Queensboro and in the territory now embraced by the counties of Grady, Decatur, and Seminole, as well as a partial list of the early settlers of the Province of Georgia compiled from various printed sources. Of greatest importance, Historic Georgia Families features genealogies of the following families: Blewett, Burkhalter, Griffin, Harrison, Hawthorne, Hicks, Powell, Poulk (Paulk), Trulock, Coram, Mitchiner, Butler, Nobles, Ware, Watson-Swann, Frederick, Brunson, Swann, Wamble, Rigsby, Little, Dunlap, McElvey, Clay, Greene, Lea, David, Harrell, Zachariah, Frith, Everett, Richmond, Robinson, Otken, Etheridge, Wadsworth, Kilpatrick, Hatcher, Wynn, Harris, Hester, Jones, Lewis, Fountain, Hints, Taliaferro, Berryman, Lingo, Ivey, Chamblis, Chappell, Porter, Pruitt, McCrary, Bunker, Franklin, Brunson, Reynolds, Hardin, Blair, and Lindley.

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