Hale, House and Related Families

Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley


Author: Jacobus, Donald Lines, Edgar Francis Waterman
Publication Date: 1952
Reprint Date: 2004
Pages: 914 pp.


Of the forty-seven families set forth here (Hale and House and forty-five others), fourteen lived in Glastonbury or its mother town of Wetherfield, four were of Hartford, and two of Windsor; while on the Massachusetts side, fourteen lived in Springfield and six others were located in Northampton, Hadley, Hatfield, and Deerfield. Two were in Saybrook, at the mouth of the Connecticut River, and five were scattered. Mr. Jacobus, who built on Mr. Waterman’s files, succeeded in presenting exhaustive data from original sources, in providing new interpretations as well as additions and corrections to existing literature, and in making the family accounts definitive. The index alone bears reference to some 16,500 persons.

The following, not including the Hale and House families, is a list of the main families treated in the work: Samuel Allen, William Backus, Mary Betts, John Bidwell, Thomas Bliss, Robert Blott, Samuel Boteman, Henry Burt, Richard Church, John Clark, Thomas Cooper, Robert Day, Emanuel Downing, John Dumbleton, William Edwards, Nathaniel Ely, John Frary, William Goodrich, Thomas Graves, William Hills, Luke Hitchcock, John Hollister, Edward Holyoke, Margaret (Baret) Huntington, John Keep, Thomas Kilbourn, Thomas Kimberly, John Leonard, Thomas Loveland, Thomas Marshfield, Matthew Marvin, Thomas Miller, William Pratt, William Pynchon, John Riley, John Scott, Rev. John Warham, Gov. Thomas Welles, John Wilcox, and Thomas Woolford.

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