Genealogies of Long Island Families

From "The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record." Selected and introduced by Henry B. Hoff. 2 vols.


Author: New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
Publication Date: 1987
Reprint Date: 2000
Pages: 1,659 pp.
ISBN: 9780806311678


Lying east of New York City, Long Island stretches 120 miles out into the Atlantic. The eastern two-thirds of the island, present-day Suffolk County, was settled in the mid-17th century by colonists from New England, while Kings County to the west was settled by the Dutch. In between, Queens County has both Dutch and New England settlements. By 1725 Long Island contained roughly 38% of the total population of New York. This suggests that if a line can be traced that far back in New York, there is an excellent chance of discovering Long Island ancestry.

Since its inception in 1870, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record has been at the forefront in publishing articles on Long Island families, many of them lengthy, definitive studies spread out over several issues. In a number of these articles the English or Dutch origin of families is established. No better purpose could be served than to gather these articles together and reprint them in their entirety, thus making available a mass of information on Long Island families that has previously been difficult to locate. With the articles appropriately consolidated and arranged, and additions and corrections from The Record properly appended, this two-volume compilation becomes the single greatest repository of Long Island genealogies in existence. In addition, it is fully indexed and is published with an introduction by Henry B. Hoff, former editor of The Record.

Following is an alphabetical list of the families named in the titles of the articles included overall: Albertson, Antonides, Bedell, Bennet, Browne, Brush, Buys, Clowes, Corey, Cornel, Cornelius, de Sille, Doughty, Duercant, Duryea, Edwards, Feake, Fonteyn, Fordham, Gelston, Griffin, Hallock, Harcourt, Hardenbergh-Schepmoes, Hawxhurst, Howell, King, Landons, Latting, Lawrence, Lefferts-Haughwout, Ludlum, Lupardus-Van Noortwych-Van Wesel, Martense, McCoun, Monfoort, Nevius, Polhemius, Praa-Bennet, Raynor, Riker-Lent-Suydam, Rogers, Rycke-Suydam, Schenck, Smith, Stites, Terhune, Thompson/Brewster, Thome, Titus, Treadwell, Tuthill, Valentine, Van Beyeren, Van Brunt, VanCott, Vanderveer, Van Duyn, Van Enden, Van Kouwenhoven-Conover, Van Lodensteyn, Van Wijck, Whitehead, Wiggins, Willets, Willett, Willis, and Youngs.

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