Genealogies of Kentucky Families from The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society and The Filson Club History Quarterly

Three Volumes


Author: Kentucky Historical Society
Publication Date: 1981
Reprint Date: 2000
Pages: 879, 869, 917 pp.
ISBN: 9780806309309


The publication of Genealogies of Kentucky Families offers researchers an unprecedented opportunity to acquire a complete collection of the two-hundred family history articles published originally in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society and The Filson Club History Quarterly. Although both periodicals have been mainstays in the publishing of Kentucky genealogies–the Register since 1903, the Quarterly since 1927–it has been virtually impossible until now for the researcher to locate the hundreds of issues needed to make up a complete collection. Equally important, the appearance of this work marks the first time these family history articles have been completely indexed!

With the cooperation of both The Filson Club and the Kentucky Historical Society, we have excerpted the family history articles from the above-named journals (uniting the separate installments so that each article is complete in itself) and have reprinted them in three large volumes. Two of the three volumes are composed of articles excerpted from the Register (covering families in alphabetical sequence from A-M and O-Y); the third volume is made up entirely of articles excerpted from The Filson Club History Quarterly. The combined articles are preceded by introductory remarks written by the editors of the two periodicals, James Klotter of the Register and Nelson Dawson of the Quarterly. Each volume, moreover, is published with its own index. Listed below are the names of the principal families found in this three-volume set:

From the Register: Allen, Arnold, Averill, Bacon, Bayles, Bell, Bibb, Boone, Boone-Bryan, Bradford, Bryan, Burris, Busey, Callaway, Chiles, Chinn, Christian, Collins/Prewitts, Corn, Crockett, Crutcher, Dorsey, Doughtery, Downing, Dudley, Duncan, Dunlap, Edmonson-James, Edwards, Emison, Estill, Fall, Fishback, Garrett, Good(k)night, Gossett, Grant, Graves, Halley, Hanna, Hardin, Harned, Harris, Harrison, Hawkins, Hood, Hoskins, Hume, Irvine, Jones, Kennedy, Kercheval, King, Kinkead, Land, Lee, Lindsey-McPike-Noble, Logan, Long-Strother-Haynes, MacPike, McAfee, McClure, McGee, McMurtry, McPheeter, Madison, Major, Martin, Metcalf, Morton (with Venable, Michaux, Rochette, Carey, Woodson, Logan, Clark, Mathews and Moss), Owens/Tate, Patton, Payne, Pogue, Poage, Pryor, Railey-Randolph, Ray, Rennick, Richardson, Rogers, Sanders, Skelton, Slaughter, Steel, Stephenson, Stewart, Strother, Tandy, Bleats-Tandy, Tailor, Throckmorton, Trabue, Tribble, Turner, Upshaw/Lafon/Jackson/Young, Venable, Viley, Thurston-Waddy, Ward, Watlington, West, Whittington, Wood, Woodson/Watkins, Wright-Hamilton, and Young.

From The Filson Club History Quarterly: Alves, Beauchamp, Ballard, Bristow, Brown, Bryan, Callaway, Carrico, George Rogers Clark (with Eastham and Richards), Clay/Erwin, Cox, David, Field, Filson, Futrell, Graham, Hammon, Harrod, Kendrick, Lee, Linn, Lynch, McGeehee, Miles-McConnell-Alexander-Warford, Morehead, Rogers, Shelby, Thruston, Troutman, and Truman.

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