Family Origins and Other Studies

Family Origins and Other Studies


Author: Round, J. Horace
Publication Date: 1930
Reprint Date: 1998
Pages: 377 pp.
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Family Origins, published posthumously in 1930, consists of critical studies of a number of traditional pedigrees of distinguished British families which are demolished in order to demonstrate the value of combining historical and genealogical research in the original records with pedigree-making. It includes chapters on the families of Broderick, Cavendish, Churchill, Ferrers, Granville, Heneage, Mauleverer, Mildmay, Monk, Walpole, Yarborough, and the Huguenot house of Champion de Crespigny, and on such subjects as historical genealogy, the stall plates of the Knights of the Garter, etc. Round’s article on the Churchills, for example, shows that the Churchills are not really Churchills but Spencers in the male line.

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